no node clearance question

im just abit worried about how everyone else has things done

i had wle 7-10nodes removed(paperwork says different) 1 node effected

half way through chemo now

most people on here seem to have gone in for a full node clearence if a node was affected
i did ask at the time i think(its a blur) and was told all hospitals different
this was never offerted to me
now im worried
i dont know how it works
is the chemo killing any more nodes that may be effected?
or will the cancer deffo come back as there might be nodes in there bad?
how can they tell if the rest are ok? does an ultra sound show anything?
how will they know with nodes, if they have rid of it cos its not like feeling for a lunp

sorry to sound so clueless when i should know these things

lincs lady

I don’t know how they decided how many of your nodes to remove, as I only had the sentinel node removed and tested during surgery, but if only one of yours was affected, I think this will have been the sentinel node. From what I understand, the cancer spreads from there and so if they found rest were clear, they would not need to remove any more. I always imagine it like a string of beads and the cancer works from one to the next in the row.

I am certain if they thought it may have spread to the rest, they would have removed them, so don’t fret.

Sleep well!

Ann x