No prothesis thank you

I had a single mastectomyin January and am now undergoing chemo. I was adamant at the time of surgery that I did not want reconstruction. I don’t want a prothesis either.I understand that this is not the “norm”. I don’t have any issues with anyone who has either a reconstruction or wears a prothesis but it’s not for me. I am appalled that there is no support for not wanting a prothesis. The only mention in any literature is “some people choose not to wear a prothesis”. There are no single cup bras available, there is no alternative fashion available. There is no choice. I cannot believe I am the only person who is not the norm. Any thoughts welcome. Thank you.

Although I gave no relevant experience, I do understand your point entirely. From a practical perspective (I realise it doesn’t address the real problem of adequate provision), and I don’t know what cup size you are, but as an A/B cup I could easily get by with a “secret support” type vest or crop top (M&S do a good range) or maybe a sports-type bra would be an option?

Hi Madmoo,


I have just come back to this forum and noticed your post. I am so relieved to hear of someone else who does not want reconstructive surgery or to wear a prosthesis.  I had a right breast mastectomy last May and I did get a prosthesis but I found it quite uncomfortable to wear. After a few days of wearing it, I had to have a break from it for a couple of days before wearing it again. But I decided a few months ago that I didn’t want to wear it again. I feel very comfortable now not wearing it and it doesn’t bother me at all.  However, I have found it difficult, at times, to wear certain tops. And I completely agree with you that some mastectomy bras are difficult to wear. I thought I wasn’t thinking normally but I see I am not alone in my thinking!! Thank you for your post and making me feel I am not alone ?

Hi, I recently had a mastectomy (2 weeks ago) and can see where you are coming from. In all honesty I would / will wear my prosthesis when out, but around the house I don’t like to. I never really feel comfortable using the prosthesis and find that I wear it more for the comfort of others (so as not to freak them out as I am very much recently diagnosed and about to embark on chemo - people around me are really unsure what to think or feel right now  ). I wear a sports bra around the house and find that this suffices without the prosthesis. 


I am just having a browse through the various threads.
I have had a double mx with no recon and live flat. I started a facebook group for ladies living without reconstruction with either a single or double mastectomy. Here is a link to our page if you would like to come and join us xx

Hi just wanted to join thread I’m thinking I’m going down this new normal route also

I had a double mix and think that while origianlly I was dead set on recon i will change my mind to just get on with life


best to all

I had my Mx on Monday with no recon.


The first look down was tough but I’m getting used to it. I’m an F cup so look just a bit odd without a prosthesis. :smileyhappy: No problem while I’m indoors but not sure I’m brave enough to face the world with my lopsided look!


So yesterday I tried my “softie” for the first time and went out for a little walk. No comfort problems - but it is significantly “perter” than my slightly saggy real boob!

Thanks - I will check that out.


I’m laughing about it at the moment (better than crying) but if we get a decent summer I’ll want something that looks reasonable in a t-shirt. My poor good boob is having to do without support most of the time - it’s going to be even droopier soon!

Little softie tip i found again e//f cup.
Use 2 safety pins to anchor it to your bra. )I never wore a pocketed one until I got my proper prosthetic.)
1 safety pin at bottom of cup 1 at underarm side of cup kept mine where it should be didn’t rise up.