No radiotherapy, just hormone therapy

After an operation to remove a lump and lymph nodes in June this year,  I was initially told that I would have radiotheraphy for 3 weeks and then it was decided that I should not have it all, just five years of hormone therapy - anastrozole.  The tumour was only 9 mm and it hadn’t spread.  Is anyone else in my position?  I am having a bone scan next week to check for the likelihood of osteoporosis, but in the meantime I am taking calcium and vitamin d supplements.

Hi ,did you have invasive cancer or DCIS ? What reasons did they give for not giving you radiotherapy

Quite a complex situation then.I guess there is nothing more that you can do until results of gene test .I hadn’t heard about that trial but it’s interesting to know they are looking at it.Sorry you are in limbo .The majority of women with invasive cancer are just offered radiotherapy routinely normally .

Hi Susie

What made you decide to have a mastectomy? If my family history blood tests are dreadful, I assume I will be offered a mastectomy or two, but I would consider it very carefully.
I think my oncologist realised that if I had radiotherapy and then bad test results, the radiotherapy would not have been needed. As she said, the tumour was very tiny, hadn’t spread and the lymph nodes were clear.

Hi Lady Leftfield


I was interested in reading your thread as my tumour was about the same size as yours with no Lymph node spread and I did have raiotherapy, but I often wondered how much point there was in having it when all the cancer was all removed surgically.  Anyway its been and gone now and like you am on hormane treatment (Tamoxifen).


I just wanted to say as well that on my Dads side of the family my great-grandmother had BC and so did my cousin about ten years ago, I always thought the genetic link was on the maternal side so that is interesting they are doing a study on that.