No VAT on post-surgery bras



Please remember we don’t pay the VAT on post-surgery bras - I recently purchased one from M&S and paid full price.  It was only when I went on line to buy another that this option came up.  I then returned to the store with my receipt and asked for refund - it was a bit of a nightmare as the cashier and then her supervisor knew nothing about it!  However, eventually it was agreed and I was given the refund.  



Hi Jay68.

i also bought a mastectomy bra ( my first time )  from M & S and at the counter the assistant calculated  the VAT and deducted it.   No problem for me…

I’ve have just purchased my bras and the Manager said it was automatically deducted. I had to fill in a form with all my details but according to someone else they are meant to  scan a code. The manager was quite rude too. Whilst trying to come to terms with  my diagnosis I was not expecting the service I got from M&S.