Nodes in scar line still feel a bit lumpy

Hi all, i haven’t been on here for a while but sometimes i like to get advise on things. I was diagnosed in April 2012.

Basically my scar line where i had lympth nodes removed still feels a bit lumpy underneath. My under arm still feels a bit numb too, is this normal? I had 25 axcilla  lympth nodes removed because the cancer had spread  to them so had full lympth node clearance. I have got my second mammogram in 2 weeks and  i will obviously mention all this but has anyone else experienced this? Can you get recurrances in lympth nodes scar? i think im feeling a bit anxious at the moment because my mammogram is due…


I am sure others who have experienced something similar will be on to share their story’s with you soon, but in the meantime, if this is something you would like to talk about before your appointment, to get your own head straight as it were, please do call our freephone helpline and they will chat with you about your concerns and questions.  0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.  Alternatively, if you prefer not to talk to someone you could email any questions you have to our Ask The Nurse email service follow this link and then click on the orange button at the bottom which says Ask a nurse your question now .

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ooops… i meant to write nodes scarline not nodes in scarline…durrrrrrr , i havent got any  left lol…

Hi KBO I can only tell you what happened to me so I hope it helps. I had my op Feb 2013 and had auxillary clearance. I had quite a bit of fluid build up under arm and had cording. After many months of physio and my own exercises this shrank to what is now a slightly lumpy scar. It is hard to the touch and has a couple of nodules under the scar which freaked me out initially. I had a mamogram in Jan and all was clear and I insisted on an ultra sound on the scar. It turns out that these nodules I can feel are just fluid filled cysts which are nothing to worry about. A cyst full of fluid shows up black on the ultra sound. I was still worried recently and I had another ultrasound, nothing has changed but I feel better knowing and seeing what they are. My surgeon is not in the slightest bit worried and says it’s part of the healing process! sometimes I’m told this fluid is oil! So things are getting much much better I think it just takes the body a good while to heal. I would ask for an ultrasound on your scar to put your mind at rest. Hope this helps.xx



I don’t have a lump in my axillary scar but I do have one in my breast scar. It is small and hard. I nearly went into orbit when I first found it but was reassured it wasn’t anything to be concerned about and just changes brought about by surgery. I also have numbness in parts of my axilla and the back of my upper arm, together with a small area of numbness across my back. I believe this is due to where nerves are cut.The damage (to me at least) seems to be permanent. Another thing we seem to have to live with!

Aww bless you ladies, thanks so much for your comments. i just stress about the cancer coming back. i will ask for an ultra sound i think.


Karen xx

Hi I am 4 n half years nearly since mine and I think the numbness is it I presume thts what we live with I am the same the back of arm is the wierd bit when you rub it I still get worried I’ve found a small pea size in the hollow or dip of my scar line which I keep checking but last mammo was only jan but I do feel it must be hard to check with all the scar tissue !! I still have a sore and uncomfortable breast after my lumpectomy with some lymphodemia in it so sometimes the breast operated on is larger than the good breast n looks like iv had a lift haha joking apart I am still after all this time conscious of it all the time which doesn’t help in trying to move on !! It’s a case of trying to get to know the new you and living with it without panicking all the time. I haven’t managed this yet !! Hoping ! Take care
Rozita x

Thank you Rozita, well ive got kind of a few lumps under my scar line but they dont feel hard, in fact they feels like elastic. I know that sounds weird lol. I just think its me getting in to a panic because my mammogram is due. I think theyve always been there since op. I remember having a infection in nodes scar straight after op so it could be to do with that My boob where i had WLE still feels very odd as well, i think its all part of the package lol. Well you’ve got to laugh havent you?
Rozita ,just think youve only one more mammogram to go and it will be your 5 yr anniversary.

Karen xx

Still not getting much feedback, i dont understand…i have a feeling it could be my laptop though as it is very slow…x