Nodules on lungs and abdomen??

Hi ladies,

Can anyone offer advice…

Saw my onc today to discuss results of bone scan and ct scan i had, bone scan i understand…there was an area of concern but they dont think its mets, but having mri scan next week to be sure.
What concerns me is the ct scan showed i had a nodule on my left lung, right lung and abdomen, plus the lymph nodes in my chest were enlarged!! alot to take in!! all the nodules were 7-9mm, has anyone had this? and are they usual?? ive got a pet scan tomorrow…so was sorted quickly, this was arranged last week when they got my ct results, apparantly this will show if nodules are cancer!!
so im just seeking advice if any of you ladies have experienced anything similar?
Getting anxious now for my pet scan tomorrow…and not being allowed coffee all morning til after my scan…dont know how il cope!!!
Hoping someone can help, Tracey xx

Hi Tracey

I can only tell you that last month I had a bone scan and ct scan because of increased pain in my back and legs. When I was told the results I was told that there was nothing significant in my bones but they had identified a nodule in my right lung which had not been there at my original DX and subsequent scans. Initially they told me it was nothing to worry about but a few days later they phoned to say they had decided that to be on the safe side it had to be further investigated with another scan.

The results of that scan showed no evidence of cancer just a nodule in my lung which we can all evidently get.

I hope your result is as good


Hi Tracey, sorry can’t offer any insight into this but just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. Try not to get too anxious, you WILL get through it. I know coffees not allowed, did anyone say anything about wine?!

Hope someone on here can help.

Hi AndieT, thankyou its good to hear that nodules are usual, was abit shocked when they said i had them on both sides of lungs and abdomen, but im trying to be positive! good news on your scans !!

Thanks Lou1, no nothing about wine so enjoying a glass tonight… to help me sleep tho of course :slight_smile: