Nolvadex & leg cramps?

I’ve been on Nolvadex-D since September 08. The last month or so I’ve been really bothered with bad leg cramps, oddly enough they seem to be mostly in the ankles.

Is this a side effect of the Nolvadex? Is anybody else having this problem? Is this absolutely nothing to do with the Nolvadex?

Would appreciate knowing if it’s just me!


Hiya, interesting - I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that I am getting cramp more frequently than I ever used to, expecially the back of my legs - calves - and my toes and feet. I’ve been taking Nolvadex since the beginning of November, so not quite as long as you have, so it may not have anything to do with the medication at all but having seen your post, its got me wondering now too! People tell me that upping your magnesium intake can help - I’m not taking supplements but I am trying to eat more sunflower seeds which I believe are high in the mineral.

Be interested to hear what others have to say.


Hi Westie

I’ve been on a different brand of Tamoxifen, it’s called Merck generics, since Oct 08, and I too have really bad cramps in my calves, feet and toes, mostly at night, and it takes ages for it to go. What with this, the hot flushes and the pain of my hip + lower back, I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep. Sometimes my big toes are almost a right angles to where they should be!

I’ve also started getting really itchy backs of my hands, which are worse when I’m having a hot flush but can happen any time.

So, in answer to your question, I don’t know if it’s Nolvadex or just tamoxifen or what! It could still be a legacy of the taxotere, which I remember you had a particularly bad time with and I had a horrid time too.

Hope it eases for you soon


Hi - thanks for answering

I forgot to say my cramps are at night. As was said, add that to the hot flushes and a full night sleep is now a distant memory! I heard taking tonic water helped - so last night I did that (ok, there was gin in it too) but I was only up with cramps once, as opposed to four times the night before.

I’ll take some magnesium supplements too and see if that helps.

Thanks all - take care
Westie xx

Hi all

I think it’s def the Tamoxifen that causes the cramps at night (I was lucky enough to avoid chemo so can’t blame that). It’s excruciating at times and doesn’t seem to alter despite having had several brands - CP, APS, Generics and now on Nolvadex. A good night’s sleep is a distant memory for me too!!

HI all - update for you.

Despite tonic water, magnesium supplement & a banana every night I was still getting really bad cramps so badly I quite often ended up in the spare room in tears. I went to the doctor and was prescribed quinine tablets. I WAS ALSO ASKED TO “YELLOWCARD” THE SYMPTOMS. I recommend anybody else troubled with night cramps that they feel may be due to tamoxifen should do the same. Google “yellowcard” for information on how to do it.

All the best
Sue xx

I have come of Nolvadex and gone back to whatever the chemist has in stock as found cramps really awful.

Couldn’t stretch in the mornings unless husband still around as calves would really cramp badly, also couldn’t kneel or toes would cramp and the worse was yawning, it felt like toungue muscle or whatever it is under neck would distort.

My GP and Onc agree that once you have been on whatever brand for a while you will generally go thru all the effects but they will switch and lessen, but sticking to the same one will give the same effects over again as the same bulking agents.