Non painful lump

I’m Karen and i’m 44 going on 24. I live in Telford…I’ve got two children A boy and a girl.I have just recently just got divorced.I am a very, happy, bubbly person. That’s my first introduction… a big HELLO to anyone who reads this.

I recently posted a comment on here a few days ago. I found a lump in my right breast but there doesn’t seem to be any pain or much movement with mine. I keep thinking i can feel more than one lump. not sure whether that’s all in my head. However i have found my breasts seem to be changing. After i have had my period about 4 days after that they seem to swell up like im pregnant but they don’t hurt and my periods are getting closer together…all so very strange. I put it down to my age.I know this maybe nothing to do with my lump but i have read that hormonal changes can be related to breast lumps.

I am still waiting for a appointment to come through, so this waiting game is driving me crazy.I am feeling my boobs 24/7.

Anyway, i have been reading so many posts one here and people are saying that some doctors have said that if a lump is painful it’s less likely to be cancerous, so of course i am thinking the worst. It can’t be benign because having read stuff about benign breast lumps it does say that most of them are mobile and are painful to touch. I almost wish mine was painful because then it is less likely to be cancerous…does that make any sense?..

I know it’s very silly trying to diagnose myself but i think it’s what we do.I guess i need to stop over thinking and just try and get on with my life and wait until my appointment and leave it to the experts…

Hope i haven’t sounded a bit kind of selfish. I guess there are many, many women worse off than myself and here i am harping on but i just need to talk to someone. My friends are lovely and they all mean well but somehow because they are not in the same boat, they don’t seem understand…

Would very much like to hear from someone who is thinking the same as me.

Many thanks to people who have read my post and havent fallen asleep reading it… lol…xx


There are many myths about how cancer is painless, it is not always, I know many women who have experienced pain with cancerous lumps.

It could well be benign, a cyst, there are benign tumours. Your fears are understandable, it is terrifying when we first come across anything, automatically, I think we think the worst and I know I am not alone in thinking that! Hopefully some of the girls will be along to soon to tell you too, they have been where you are!

I have responded to your message privately, also when I first came around, I called the helpline here and the ladies were wonderful, they listened to me, my concerns and worries and completely put my mind at rest. Call them, the number is free!

Your referral should be on a two week pathway to clinic, as all women have to be seen in accordance with NICE guidelines, so you will hear from clinic soon, unfortunately, the waiting is hard. You could also look up your local clinic at hospital and call the booking centre, no harm in chasing up your own appointment. There may be a few consultants based at your hospital, but the numbers for their secretaries can be found. I found my consultant online and I called her secretary, who was very helpful. From the day I saw my GP to my first appointment, was nine days!

Be careful what you read, there is a lot of outdated, scary stuff on the internet. You could and I repeat could, be in the 80% benign field yet, but you’re in the right place to have your hand held to get you through this difficult time.

Chin up girl, you’re not alone…


Hi Karen,
Of course you’re worried and it won’t go away until the dreaded visit to the breast clinic. Until then you will find plenty of support here from women who know what you are going through. There really is no way to tell what your lump is before tests are done - just remember that 9 out of 10 are NOT cancer .
My breast cancer was painful and mobile so there really are no rules.
Try to keep as busy as possible until your appointment comes through. I know that’s easty to say but you need to fill your mind with other things as much as you can. When the panic hits, come and talk to us. There is always someone to answer your questions or just do a bit of virtual hand- holding.
Sending you a big hug,

Hi KB,

It’s the waiting and the worrying, no matter how hard you try you drive yourself crazy with what if it is?, it probably isn’t and on and on.
It is a difficult time.
I had no idea I had 2 tumours both were very deep and couldn’t be felt, so I was walking about oblivious till I had my mammogram, I couldn’t believe it.
I’m sure someone will come along soon to give you advice. Hopefully it will be hormonal changes.
Just take care, keep busy, keep posting and big hugs to you xx

Awwww… Thank you to all you lovely ladies…its lovely to talk to you all. I think i might be on here more than Facebook…lol…I already feel i have got support and im sure we can all help each other. I do have to warn you though…and that is i am crazy…so beware…well its better to laugh than cry, i always say…

I will be back later. im just nipping out so if i am not responding…that’s why. I will be on here later on…:slight_smile:

I must admit i do feel a bit better today. I also had a better nights sleep…think a good nights sleep makes a lot of difference.

Hugs to you all. I hope i get to know you a bit better…

Take care,

Karen xx


Well, what i day i’ve had. I went to get my hair cut and when i came home i received my letter from the hospital. The appointment was for 3pm today and id only just got back from salon at 2pm. It was a mad rush and i had to drop my daughter off at my friends house quite swiftly.
Anyway to cut a long story short…yes, i have got breast cancer. I am having a partial mastectomy in 2 weeks time, so basically they are just taking the tumour away then im having radio therapy and chemo. theyve told me that the cancer is localised so i guess thats a bit of good news. so i also guess its been caught in time.

Do you know something… i am so relieved i know… the waiting and the not knowing was the worst part for me but i did prepare myself for the worst news and tbh that really did help me accept it.i know that sounds crazy but i just kinda knew i had cancer. At the end of day i know i have been seen and sorted promptly.
It was a bit uncomfortable, specially the biopsy part but hey i got through it. I was in there from 3 right until 9 but they told me the results there and then…I was on my own too but got chatting to many women going through exactly the same as me.

i’m not going to dwell on this, i am going to try and carry on life as normal.
It was really odd when the Surgeon told me because he said its only a disease and to be quite frank…yes it is…

I do know one thing though and its made me think about life and how we take it for granted at times. Money comes no where near health…

Karen xx

oh and as regards to hair loss…it does grow back again!! its only taken me 4 years to grow my hair too but hey ho…i can have some weird and funky styles when it does start growing back…:)))…x

Hi KB.
Things really happen quick eh? Glad you have found this site. I’m quite new to it too. I was just diagnosed last Thursday. I have an appointment tomorrow when I think they will give me a date for surgery. I’ve been told it will be this month, then radiotherapy and chemotherapy like yourself. Keep posting. I was very positive at first, think i was (and maybe still am) in denial. Everyone on here is just lovely and it’s so good to talk to people who understand what you’re going through. Think we may be going through this journey at the same pace. Good luck xx

Hiya Doodles,

Many thanks for your comment. Sorry you have also discovered you have breast cancer.Hope you are coping OK. It is a shock but has the Dr said it is only a disease. I am actually surprised how well i’ve taken the news but i did have an idea i had cancer because of the fact my lump isn’t mobile and it doesn’t hurt.However the treatment for it and the success rate is very promising.
Yes, we are both new to this and its going to be a bumpy ride but im sure we will get through it. Having a positive attitude is good. Although i did wake up having a few panic attacks.I am just going to leave it to the experts.
I am not looking forward to loosing my hair but then on a positive note it does grow back.Im also not looking forward to been put to sleep but it is a minor operation.

Good luck, Doodles…hopefully we can compare notes and get to know each other.


I am sorry to hear this news…

You are being very brave and facing up to this and I have to admire your strength.

You’re in good hands with the girls here and your doctors who appear to have dealt with this really quickly.

hi Sommer, Thanks, well there is no point being negative, negativity gets you nowhere.
yes, i know i was amazed on how quickly they dealt with it. The clinic i was in was called a fast track clinic. Although i was in there 6hrs. The waiting was the worst part tbh.I did get chatting to many women in the same boat and we have swapped numbers etc. Point is i was relieved that i know now and i can now move forward.

End of day the message needs to be made clear to women that they really must be breast aware and check your breasst at least every month. All i know a if i hadnt have felt this lump i’d be a lot worse off than i am now.

I think positive about the whole thing because that way it will help you get through it all…:slight_smile: