Noni Juice

Hi everyone

Could I ask if anyone has tried or is trying out noni juice. Several people around me have mentioned it to me but I’m not at all sure. I have had mixed reoprts on the internet and just wanted some thoughts

Woo, I’m afraid - snake oil, that does nothing but make a great deal of money for the people selling it. Have a look at:

Just bumping this up

Here’s a couple more sites. Seems its not just woo - it’s potentially dangerous.

Like the guy in the second article says, if it was really any good the people of Polynesia would be in fabulous health - and they ain’t. If there’s any real benefit, it will be identified by proper evidence-based research which will also make sure the side-effects are known. In the meantime, you’d be much better off spending your money on making sure you eat a good healthy balanced diet instead of stuffing it in the pockets of scam-artists and pyramid sellers, which seem to be attracted to cancer sites like flies to …

Both the US FDA and the European Union have issued health warnings in respect of noni juice. The FDA fined Flora for unsubstantiated claims on the health benefits and to date no human studies have been done, experiments have been done on mice. There has been suggestions of liver toxicity and high potassium levels caused by the product. Scary stuff I think, not something I would use.