Normans Eviction!!!

It is almost time for Normans eviction, I go in on Wednesday at 7.30am for my lumpectomy.

I’m eager to get him gone but anxious at the same time. 

Toodlebl**dyloo Norman!

Mines called Keith

Hope having a date relieves some anxiety, although I’m sure it also brings its own batch too.

Keep strong, warrior xx

Hi, I had my lumpectomy on 16th May, healing now. Listen to the advice given at the hospital, don’t lift heavy weights and do those exercises, they make a real difference. Take it steady post op, take those painkillers. I found the bra you get given wasn’t comfortable for me as the surgery was right by my nipple so I have bought some soft cropped vest style bras from M&S ( 3 for £20) that have given me some relief. Two scars to contend with, I didn’t use deodorant for at least 3 weeks on the affected side. 

Good luck with it all, i had the all clear from the op, just waiting for an Oncologist app, bone scan, anti hormone drugs and some radiotherapy. Hopefully by September I will be back on track.