North Yorkshire

Hi just wondered if there was anyone in North Yorkshire area?

 Hi, I am based in North Yorkshire. I have been diagnosed with DCIS rather than actual invasive breast cancer but am due to have a masectomy & reconstruction very soon. They have advised that given how widespread my DCIS is they may find invasive after the operation  so all a bit worried at the moment but trying to stay positive :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m in N Yorks. 9 weeks post surgery. Mastectomy and snb. Clear margins and lymph nodes. Letrozole for 5 years.

Where abouts in north yorks? Im in west. How you doing?

In Leeds so not too far away. Been diagnosed since April and had mastectomy week after. I too am on letrozole but also have zoladex injections every month. I think we all wobble from time to time, something has to give now and again. How are you finding the tablets?

I get stiff joints too, mainly ankles, knees and lower back. They slow me down sometimes but I’ve found if I keep moving it eases. The zoladex is because I’m pre-menopausal. The injections stop my ovaries so that I can take the tablets as well. They aren’t bad, certainly easier than chemo. My hot flushes didn’t last too long, been on letrozole 4 months and don’t get any flushes now.
We have to stay positive, what would anything else achieve? However, we have to let it out sometimes: I’m just not good at doing it in front of others! I feel more normal on here though.

Hello to you all, I am from the Redcar area. I had mastectomy and lymphnodes removed in June 2013. I had chemo and Radiotherapy too. I am now on Letrozole. So far I have been ok on them apart from the odd hot flush and sometimes feeling very weary. I am trying to get on with life again and hope i don’t get a secondry.

I expect like the rest of you I never thought it would happen to me but it has and it has to be dealt with.

I wish you all well. I am always up for a chat to anyone.

I’m in York and always happy to meet up for coffee and cat. In fact, I’m thinking of trying to set up a local support group as there isn’t one.



I’m near Selby, would love to be part of any groups or meet ups. Have loads of support from friends but only really feel totally understood speaking to people with experience of this beggar !! I am waiting for nodes clearing then on to chemo.


Take care

Louise x

Hi Abbey and Louise, I am making progress with setting up a support group. We are aiming it at younger women, under 45 at diagnosis, because we know there is a need and we fit into that group. If you are interested message me and I’ll let you know how we’re getting on. Any thoughts and ideas about what people would like from a group would be gratefully received. R x



Yes I would definitely be interested, please can you pass on the details. I am 37 years and diagnosed January 8th 2014. 


Thankyou xxxx


Hi did.a support group ever happen? Am in Bradford but.v happy to travel. Also am grand old age.of 48 so I may be too old. Diagnosed April 11, 2 surgeries, chemo, rads, herceptin x

Hi benjen, İ am in Leeds but would also travel for a meet up. İ am 48, dx March, chemo and in middle of rads at the mo. Would love to join a group and York wld be ok. Sue x

Would you keep me informed of anything happening in York. I would like to come along. Thanks X

Would you keep me informed of anything happening in York. I would like to come along. Thanks X