Northern Ireland BC Ladies

Hi, just an idea; a thread specific to NI ladies, regardless of whether recently diagnosed, in middle of treatment or post- treatment. If you think this is a good idea, post your thoughts, or if you prefer simply post a hug. If there looks to be interest I’ll post again. My first comment is, that the City Hospital Cancer Centre has been, for me, exceptionally good, especially rads team. Hope all out there are managing to cope with their BC, as well as can be done. It’s far from easy. Me, I finish rads next week, following surgery. (No chemo). Shell shocked over what I have gone through, but find this forum really helpful and keen to make the most of it going forwards.  Best wishes to all, Wonky. 

Hi @Wonky  

Thank you for sharing your experience, we’re sorry that you haven’t had a reply yet. Hopefully someone will come along along soon to share their experience.

We hope that over time this will become an active thread for those living in Northern Ireland.

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Laura at Breast Cancer Care

Hi wonky, 

I too am from NI and have been treated at the city hospital, I have been looked after extremely well by all members of staff I have met. I was diagnosed on 3rd July and had amastectomy and diep reconstruction on 6th August. I start 6 sessions of chemotherapy next week, it is daunting not knowing what to expect. Following that, I will be having radiotherapy too. It really is such a shock, eveything has moved very quickly for me, which I am glad off, but I don’t think mentally I have caught up with it all yet. I hope you are feeling as well as you can after finishing your rads :heart: Heather

Hello there Ladies,

I am from Belfast and I too am being treated at the City Hospital…… I didn’t have anybody with me when I was given my news because my little dimple that I went to my Dr with had disappeared by the time I went for my appointment so I just thought I would be straight in and out at the City Hospital……… how could I have been so silly!!! The Surgeon and the Breast Cancer Nurses and the rest of the team in my opinion are absolute Angels…I am so grateful that they are actually going to be able to help me…… x

Hi from N Ireland.  Had Lumpectomy and removal sentinel nodes Christmas Eve.  Few weeks wait now for biopsy results from op.   Feeling bit sore and impatient to get on and do whatever comes next. 

Hello Wonky. The Belfast City Hospital is amazing. That’s where I was being treated until last Saturday when I moved over to England to live x

Well today was post op appointment with surgeon for results. Relieved to know clear margins and lymph nodes, but my 5mm lump was found to be 1cm. But it’s gone now so trying not to focus on size but on the positive results. App next week with Dr McCarty Oncologist to discuss radiotherapy and the “wee tablet”. Anyone else met Dr McCarty? 3 weeks post surgery tomorrow and just want to get on and get done. Bit depressing listening to bc nurse speaking about potential side affects for rads/pill but needs must. Good luck to all onthis journey xx




Hi, anyone still posting on forum from Northern Ireland?