Nose bleeds and blood in mucus on docetaxel


My wife is on her second cycle of docetaxel and has mild nosebleeding and mild traces fo blood in her mucus. Is this a normal SE of taxotere or should we be concerned?

I get the same for a couple of days post chemo - don’t know if it’s mormal but I haven’t been too worried about.

Hi Andy.

Yes, bleeding is one of the possible side effects of Docetaxel.

Macmillan have a good page on the drug at:

I don’t think there’s any reason to worry, but I would give the chemo hotline (the number on the chemo card) a ring just to be safe.

Hi Andy - i had four cycles of docetaxol and managed to get every side effect on the list (apart from actually being allergic to the stuff and fainting when it is given…) and must admit this one i didn’t have… I’ve just had a look and a few sites say that if you get bleeding including nose bleeds to contact your unit as it can be a platelet problem… have you got a number to call on a sunday… i wouldn’t panic but i think you should give them a ring to see what they say they might want to do a blood test today or tomorrow…


I got that too.Like your wife it was only mild-more of an inconvenience than a problem, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

I had this with all 4 cycles of taxotere[docetaxol].It was really blood when I blew my nose not actually dripping.It is partly because you lose all the hairs in the nose lining and the mucus membrane inflames easily.It is very common indeed and soon clears up after treatment.
My oh and I soon realised that almost every thing from joint pain to diarrhoea was,‘a recognised side effect of taxotere.’
All the best

Just had my third tax - and wiping my nose with a blood stained tissue as we speak. Ditto - if there is a side effect - other than vomiting - then I have experienced it! My thoughts are with your wife.

BW - Paula x

Yes this is very common I think. I had my last nose bleed on Christmas Eve 2008 as I was trying to stuff the turkey! (2 weeks after my final chemo)

Hi v common - I get nose bleeds all the time - as long as it stops quickly shouldn’t be a problem but I would mention it to the Onc next time you see them. R x

Yes I had this whilst on taxotere. It was mild but resolved as soon as I finished treatment. My platelets remained really high during chemo so I put it down to losing the hairs in my nose and soreness of mucous membranes - I also had bleeding gums from time to time too. Unpleasant as these symptoms are I found they resolved very quickly once treatment finished.

Hope all goes well for your wife.
take care
Elinda x