Nose bleeds and fainting

I’ve recently joined the group. I’m on Taxol Capecitabine and Avastin to treat lung and rib Mets after I did not respond to Xeloda. Starting the third cycle next week. Started nose bleeds and fainted once last week. I’m worried that the blood could be a sign of more lung collapse as my left lung partially collapsed last month. Any clue whether these are side effects of the drugs or signs of more lung collapse,

Welcome, momo, but sorry you have had to join us. I am on Capecitabine at the moment (coming towards the end of Cycle 7 in the next two days). I can’t answer to the fainting, but I have had minor nosebleeds whilst on Cap. By minor, I mean blood on the handky when I wipe or blow my nose. I haven’t had a full-blown nose bleed. I would definitely ring your chemo day unit or emergency number to ask about this - especially the fainting.


Hope you get a satisfactory answer.


Hugs. Barton.x