Nose bleeds whilst on Anastrozole/Arimidex



Has anyone suffered with nose bleeds since being on Anastrozole?  (Accord brand)


Started to take the tablet in January this year. Since April have suffered with nose bleeds, usually 3/4 a week. Wake up with a nose bleeds, they have started whilst out walking and also whilst in the gym.


Have had blood checks done all is OK.







Hi Carol


Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time at the moment. I’ve also been taking anastrozole since January (accord brand for the last two months) but haven’t had this problem. You obviously can’t carry on like this. Why don’t you give your breast care nurse a ring to talk it through or ring the BC helpline where you’ll get advice and support. Although your blood tests didn’t come up with anything 3/4 nose bleeds a week needs sorting.


I hope everything settles down very soon and post how you get on.

Take care


So sorry to hear that Cas. I’m a newcomer to the anastrozole, just a fortnight in, so can’t help on that, but think ringing your bc nurse is a good idea. You don’t want that going on for much longer. Take care, Jo

Hi Carol,

I am also on Anastrozole and mine was Accord for the first couple of months with only few side effects. I have also been on the Teva brand with no real problems. now i have been on the Zentiva brand for a few months and side effects have been crazy, worst of all are the joint pain, hot flushes and fuzzy head. But i did panic a bit when sat in MacDonald’s a couple of weeks ago with my mother and felt like a runny nose but it was a bleeding nose on one side ~ thankfully very minor and it stopped before i could get too panicky and leave the place!! It did cross my mind that it could have been something to do with the tablets, but hopefully that was a one~off. As soon as you experience something new or unusual or worrying always contact your GP or hospital contact for advice.

I get a lot of sneezy and runny noses days (i wondered if it was the high pollen count) and every time i check the tissue and pray its not red!!! I never used to ponder on things like this at all ~ i would put it away in my mind and just carry on as normal but of course we all have a different kind of normal now dont we?!

Cheers, michele x