Not eating for a day

Ladies do any of you go without eating or eating very little on the days you feel nauseous if you do…I’m finding it hard to eat anything substantial since yesterday … I am sipping on water but makes you feel so weak. This was my 3rd EC so I’m thinking it’s hit a bit harder this time. 
hope you are all having a nice day x


Hi @LottieLaing  

I certainly tried to eat something even if I had to force myself to keep my strength up.  I was maybe lucky that the meds controlled my nausea quite well during EC but in the week after I had no appetite at all so struggled.  I felt like I was eating for fuel, there was no enjoyment in it.  Could you even take something plain like soup which is more liquid but has the goodness of the veg in it?  So hard I know it’s rubbish.  
Big hugs.