Not feeling so great today

Hi, I’m 49 and was recently diagnosed with BC (oct 19). Bit complicated as I have a hole in my heart so had to wait for appointment with heart surgeon before any treatment. Anyway good news, I can go ahead with BC surgery and treatment. I now have an appointment with oncology next week to start hormone treatment and am just waiting for the BC consultant to come back off holiday and then hopefully they’ll give me a date for lumpectomy. Altogether over the next 6 months I’m going to have 6 different treatments for the BC, my heart and an hysterectomy. I’ve been doing ok, keeping going (I have a strong faith). Yesterday and today though, I’ve just not felt well at all. Tired, breathless, pain in one breast and tearful. Maybe it’s just catching up on me? I have felt encouraged reading the posts on here though and feel like I’m not alone. Just want to get on with it - hard waiting. But hey, it’ll be ok in the end. Sorry for the long post. Fiona

Hi Fiona I also found out on oct 19th so were cancer twins! (Sorry for poor taste joke). I’m sick of all the waiting and worrying. I have a WLE next week (lumpectomy) then another 2 week wait to find out if there is lymph node involvement so some days are really hard. I’m right with you anyway. It’s a relief when you at least get a surgery date at least it means things are moving along. Rebecca xx

Hi Fiona Some days it does all seem to catch up with you X

Im recently diagnosed and havent started treatment yet as they seem unsure what to do with me and I am now waiting to be called for MRI and CT I know I have breast cancer and it is in my underarm area too but Im on a knifeedge without knowing if it has spread further than that.


Hold on to your faith, concentrate on the fact that you ARE moving forward and that treatment today is so much more advanced so we are in good hands.


Have a virtual hug from someone else who is scared and doing her best to face this (((HUGS))) 


Andrea XXX

Hi, thank you for your encouraging words. Sometimes hard to be patient. Hope you get sorted out soon and all goes well. Just got to be kind to ourselves while we get through this xx

Good news! Got date for surgery 15th December. Also having breast reduction which was a surprise. God-willing all will go well. Just glad date is sorted.



Hi Fiona, good to hear you now have a date for your op!

yes, its really tough waiting isnt it.


re not feeling well. Lots of us have found that just the stress of knowing can make us feel very unwell. When I was told I needed chemo. Last time, I Developed a sore throat, cough, neck and shoulder aches! I just couldnt believe they thought I was well enough to have chemo!  Stress can mimic other disease and it makes things worse!


once the chemo started,my other bits went away quite fast! So try not to let felling awful spook you, if you can…once your treatment gets under way, you will definitely feel better. You will feel you are more in control of things.


very best wishes for a great outcome of your surgery. Also to the rest of you too. Its lovely that you have each other for support.! Will be looking to see how things go.