Not funny but!

Not funny but!

Not funny but! Hi everyone
My Mum is 87 and whilst she knows I am having rads she thinks it’s as a precaution after DCIS and not because I have cancer. It didn’t feel right to give her the bad news as she lives on her own and my Dad died of cancer so why would I make her worry all the time.
Anyway I had my first rads yesterday and phoned her to say all well and not to worry - she said ‘Am I right - you have to go every day?’ Yes Mum. ‘Everyday for 3 months - such a long time.’ How she translated 3 weeks to 3 months I do not know - but it made my day - I couldn’t stop laughing (and laughter is such good medicine.) How would you be after 3 months rads - a bit like chinese crispy seaweed me thinks!!!
Whatever is happening in your world at the moment I do hope this makes you smile :-0

Bless her A bit like a shrivelled up prune I would imagine!

It def made me smile and I’m glad you were able to laugh about it. If we couldn’t laugh where would we be?

Thanks for sharing,

Good luck with the treatment,

Keep laughing,

Valerie x