Not good news!

Been to see onc today, was hoping to get my scan results but have to wait for them, she thought she could read them but there was too much thickening in my stomach. She then told me chemo isn’t working, TM over 1000. She is putting me on paclitaxel, when I get a date to start. She also told me that after this chemo there is no more options. Hopefully they come up with something. Waiting for an ultrasound as well to get fluid drained off (ascites). Stomach is so bloated and uncomfortable. Wish I hadn’t got up this morning.

I am sorry to hear this. Thinking of you x

Thinking of you Shelly and hope you get an ultrasound and the ascites drained quickly. Kate xx

So very sorry to hear this . Just don t know what to say .

Positive thoughts