Not having last chemo

I’m thinking of asking if I can skip my last chemo, I have had five- im still going to carry on having herceptin,
Has anyone else done this? Do they think it has made a difference to them?
My side effects havent been that bad physically i know ive been quite lucky, its just that mentally IVe not been great the last few times, probably sounding like a bit of a moaning minnie! Im also due to have a mx when chemo is finished.

Hi Emma

I can appreciate how you feel…but the course is usually calculated for maximum affect after years of reseach…and has been trialled on many people to establish the shotest period of chemo courses.


I know they are trialinng shortening herceptin, radiotherapy and other drugs,but research will take several years to confirm this is safe for us to have


You have done so well to get to this stage…why give up at the last hurdel?  I would be strong and go for the last hurdle and know you made it…I hope you reach your decision… I wish you well… Donna x

I hope you decide to go ahead with the last Chemo. It is  hard I know I completed last May and like you wanted to omit the last dose but was convinced this was not wise by my consultant and others I spoke to.

I am now glad I stayed with it at least I can say I did everything in my power to prevent it spreading.