Not hormone receptive

I have been newly diagnosed with a 3.5 cm non - hormone receptive breast cancer. I start 8 cycles of chemo soon, then surgery after. Still waiting to see if my cancer is HER-2+.
But my main worry (prob because of lack of knowlegde) is that I am really worried that my cancer is not hormone receptive, so will not get tamoxofen. I am pre menapausal so told cells are turning over swiftly. Will not being hormone receptive mean my prognosis is worse than if it was???
Thank you in advance


Hi Manic

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums. I am sure there will be other users along shortly to give you some help and advice. You sound to me as though you could do with someone to speak to? The Breast Cancer Care helpline, which is a free telephone services is open today between 9am and 2pm the number to call is 0808 800 6000. The helpline staff are all either breast care nurses or people who have personal knowledge of breast care issues and will be willing to listen to your concerns and offer some advice. The lines are also open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

You may also be interested in our resources pack for newly diagnosed people which is full of helpful advice. You can order a copy of this on line, just follow the link. All our publications are free of charge.

Hope this is all of some help to you.

Kind regards,
Louise, Moderator


Sorry you had to join us here, i am sure there are many ladies here who are in the same position as you and will post with words of encouragement.
I am recently diagnosed too, start chemo next thurs then mastectomy then rads, still waiting to see if HER2+ also, it is a scary time but this site is wonderful for easing your mind and giving you support.

Sending hugs
Val xx


I too am hormone and her2 negative. am currently having chemo, then surgery then rads. I too was a bit worried about being triple negative but bc nurse said not to be. They are throwing everything the can at us for our type of tumour. I have read somewhere that our chance of recurrence within the first 5 years is slightly higher than if we were positive but then it evens out. I have not actually asked my onc that yet but will. I am trying to look on the positive i.e. we wont have the side effects of herceptin or tamixifen etc - which are numerous - I have read many horror stories on here of side effects so at least we wont have them

Hope that helps

Hi Manic,

I was diagnosed on the 15th August. Have had surgery lumpectomy and node clearance and have started my chemo,2nd on Tues. I am also triple neg. You will have to find out your Her2 status first as lots of women are estrogen neg but her2 pos. Try and not worry to much in my view they are all bloody horrible. DONT SURF THE NET it put the fear of god into-me try and stick to just a few sites like this and i got a few books which had British protocol in as American ones differ quite a lot.

Try and not worry until you have the full picture I know easier said than done.

Good luck


Oh thank you for your answes,
yes this is a very scary time, I was only told I actually had breast cancer 9 days ago, I start chemo on 25th oct, surgery, then rad and hopefully herceptin.
I go in for pre chemo checks on tuesday.
Having a hickman line put in prior to my chemo on the 25th.
I know the side effects of hormones they give are bad but was disappointed to find my cancer does not reponds to them.
I wonder if I will get menpausal symptoms as been told the chemo will bring on an early menapause.

I wish you all luck.

What is triple neg???..

hi manic

my mum is triple neg too, it means that it the type of cancer you have doesn’t respond to hormones (estrogen and progesterone), this means that hormonal drugs like tamoxifen would be of no use, this type of cancer is also non responsive to the new drug developed called herceptin therefore a triple neg would be HER-, 3 negatives. hope this helps. and i to would advise you not to look at websites, no point worrying yourself unnessasarily. good luck to you.

Triple neg is not the worst diagnosis believe me.every cancer is as individual as we are.Some Her+ tumours can be more aggressive than triple neg but herceptin brings them into line for most women.

Hi Sorry you’ve had to joind us. Just to add to what zjlove said the internet can be a curse. Initally when I was diagnosed in June I wanted as much info as possible. Inside about 2 days I had myself dead and buried so my husband threated an IT ban!!
Be aware that not all info you read is accurate or up to date. I tend to only use this website where I know it’s a more common sense approach.

Good Luck with all your treatment.

Muddy (age 37)