Not long now

Hello everyone not long now to my appointment I’m glad it’s on it’s way but really scared too I’ve got new aches and pains everywhere and have convinced myself it’s going to be bad news I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard as you all know. It got to much for me today and I just burst into tears I’m even staying with my mum and sister until the appointment today my mum seems to think that I have nothing to worry about but I’m not so sure sorry for the long post but needed to offload once again xxx

Hi Sweetpea, so your appointment is here at last. It’s been a long hard wait for you.


I hope you get good news.

Sweetpea, been thinking about you. How did you get on? Xx

My appointment is at 1.30 tomorrow I’m so so scared how did u get on xx

Hello there well I had my scan and nurse said nothing sinister found I’m an so happy still don’t know why I’m getting aches she said sometime we just get them thank you so nick for all you ladies kind words of support I don’t know how I would of got through all of this I wish you all the luck in the world xxxx

Fantastic news sweetpea2010. Mine aches more than ever today but after all the prodding, poking I have done together with all the mammograms etc I think it will probably be a bit tender. Have a great weekend. I was recommended starflower tablets and they are buy one get another for a penny in a holland and barret.

Hi Sweetpea
I am so pleased you got some good news today. All the worrying is over now Take a deep breath and. carry on with your life. You look after yourself.
Take Care
Angie. X