Not looking forward to Friday

Hi all,
just wanted to share with you that I’m not looking forward to Friday. When most people are probably finishing work and going off to do christmas shopping both my mum and sister have got appointments related to BC.
my mum was dx with secondary BC before the primary site was found in October. Shes now on hormone therapy. My sister was dx with primary BC 3 yrs ago and had lumpectomy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. My mum is going for a scan to see if she has secondaries in the bone and my sister is going for an ultra-sound to see if the lump that was discovered in her routine checkup is BC returned or not.
heres the thing- same hospital, same appointment time and different departments. I wish I could split myself in half but I can’t. I’m going with mum as she is physically very frail but feel so helpless that it means I can’t be with my sister too. Both my sister and I have children and we are trying to keep up our spirits for Christmas but its so hard. I’m just praying that they both get the all clear. Really wish I could split myself in two.
will either of them get an indication on the day or will they both have this hanging over their head over Christmas? I’m assuming that if my sisters lump is benign she won’t get a biopsy and if she gets a biopsy then it’s still a possible. With the bone scan do they give any instant indication?


Hello Mals,
I did not get an instant result from my Bone Scan. I think it was at least 10 to 14 days. However I understand that some ladies ring up for the results earlier than that , so ask the radiologist if you can call them. Anything is worth a try when we are so anxious. Good luck with it all. Tracy xxx