not much fat in tummy for diep :(

Hey all.

I had my plastic surgery consult yesterday and was pretty gutted (and totally shocked) to find I don’t have enough fat in my tummy to reconstruct a c-cup.  I have a typical middle age spread belly,  but have been going to the gym a lot more of late and have cut out junk food and I guess that’s sort of backfired. :neutral_face:   I’ve been told to not lose any more weight in the next 4 weeks.

The other option is to take from my inner thighs, but the surgeon said out of the two options, a diep from my stomach with a smaller cup (probably a B) will be better.  And to lose my nipple.  She suggested a later reduction on the other side.

I feel totally shallow for being upset about this, in light of everything else. I just hadn’t imagined having more surgery on the other side to correct this.  I don’t know.  I’m worried about so much stuff, and I’m anxious about such a major surgery and now I’m sad about the potential outcome too.  I’m worried I’m just going to look a mess.

Has anyone been in my situation? 

Apparently the average size British bra from M & S is 34B. I used to wear 36A and discovered after being fitted, that I was in fact 34B myself. So not as flat chested as I had assumed. 

I was lucky that when I had the diep it was almost the same size as the other one, but it looks nothing like it so I think that’s what has needed the most adjustment. It doesn’t have a nipple. The nipple is to one side because I have had breast cancer before and the previous surgery moved my nipple towards my armpit. 

Looking at myself now I think it’s the best reconstruction I have every seen but it’s not perfection. the best thing about it is it’s warm, it’s lightweight unlike a silicon prosthesis and it doesn’t fall out when I go swimming. I still feel self conscious about it but my husband reckons it’s better than the real one! I hope he’s not trying to make me feel better by lying, but I don’t think so.

I had a plastic surgeon who was training and I wondered if she was let loose on me because I am so old that anything that happened to me would be an improvement. But overall I was very pleased that I had the operation at the age of 67 and was only in the hospital for 3 nights and all drains were out by Sunday (I had the op on Thursday morning) and I was home by 6 pm. It took ages because I was taken home by hospital transport through London a few days after Queen Elizabeth died. Yes, I had my diep operation on the very day our great Monarch died…a date I remember slightly differently from most people I imagine.