Not started radiotherapy yet


I had my surgery on the 8th Sept after having chemo and still have not started my radiotherapy as have had problems with my wound, a seroma and then an infection, which is just about healed as it hasn’t leaked for the last 2 days. Is there an optimum time for having radiotherapy? Also I am going to start taking Anastozole when I begin the radiotherapy so that has been delayed as well. I have tried contacting my bcn but haven’t had a reply from her so not sure what to do.

Hi. I was told must start within 12 weeks and in fact started mine at 9 weeks as I too had a seroma and then a big leak via ANC scar which opened slightly. It closed and I had mapping 4 days later and started treatment the following week… But my surgeon was adamant that rads can’t start till wound healed and stable so no point worrying. Outcomes would be almost the same even if it was delayed further (that is, the risk is increasing only in tiny increments as time passes). Good luck when you finally start… X