not sure about words used in bc

can someone please explain to me what vascular or non vascular means and also what is the difference between a positive node and a node with micro matastasies??? help!!!

Hi okeydokey, not sure myself on either, but you’d be better posting in one of the other forum parts, undergoing treatment or similar, so someone is more likely to see it.

Sophie xx

vascular = ‘of the blood vessels’. So I’m guessing that the context in which the word has been used is in relation to ’ vascular invasion’, perhaps on a pathology report. That means that the cancer has infiltrated nearby vessels.

‘Positive nodes’ are nodes containing cancer cells, but a distinction is made between metastases and micro-metastases. Micro-mets are clusters of cells less than 2mm wide; typically too small to show upon a scan. There is some debate in research circles about the significance of micromets in relation to treatment planning/prognosis.

Hope that helps xx

thankyou that makes sense now,micro mets can be a pain then if they dont show up on scans is this common??