Not sure what is going on had 11 biopsies now

hi all


Hi all - hope someone can help me was recalled following a routine mamogram had 6 biopsies done on 2 areas and a scan and was called back on friday for  the  results was told it was suspicious when i asked if it was cancer they said yes 99% certain, they then did 11 more biopsies and I go back on Wednesday for the results of them I didnt ask a lot of questions as I was too upset but why would they do more biospies if they already know it is cancer, they also said i may need a vacuum biopsy on Wednesday also.  Can anyone give me any advice

Hi INot really advise but I had 2 multiple core biopsies then a surgical duct removal biopsy before the definite diagnosis was given, my surgeon, like yours was sure of the result but without definive confirmation from pathology they could not proceed, apparently Invasive Lobular Cancer is hard to diagnose! I haven’t had a CT or anything but the surgeon told me the size and position and plan. It is so hard not knowing and being in ‘limbo land’ I am trying to take each day at a time but it is a constant in my mind , hope you soon get the answers you need xx

Hi Maria

So sorry that you’ve had to go through that. Biopsies are so painful…I only had 2, and found it horrendous. I don’t know why they are doing so many, but biopsies are done do that they can precisely know your type of BC. There are so many different types and consequently a lot of different treatments. They need to be sure that they are doing the right treatment for you. I ended up having an MRI too, just to make sure that they hadn’t missed anything.

Please let us know how you get on.

Sue xx