Not sure what to do! Please help

Hi all

Well i went yesturday the consultant had a feel and couldnt feel any lumps so i have not had a mammogram or ultra sound or even sent the discharge for tests ( because it does not appear bloodstained) .is this normal or am i being fobbed off i find this really strange. I have however had a blood test for prolactin levels to look for a pituitry tumor. and an appointment for six weeks time. so i just dont no anything and still more waiting.

Not sure what to do now can anyone help

Hi Liz,

I would say thats not normal. Was it a breast clinic you went to? Not all lumps are palpable and if there were sufficient concerns to send you to the breast clinic then they should have done the triple tests - mammogram, ultrasound, and fine needle aspiration (if a lump was seen). I would also suggest they certainly should have sent the discharge for tests because I would imagine there could be traces of blood in it that aren’t visible.

Did you meet a Breast Care Nurse who you could call? If not perhaps go back to your GP and complain?



I see from your other thread that you have lots of other symptoms so it maybe that the consultant is looking at them all together and thus doing the pituitary test but I would certainly get them to investigate the breast issue both as part of that AND as a separate issue as they may or may not be linked.


im new here myself but have had bc since 06. think yo should get a second look at you discharge as i started out the same as you
discharge from 1 breast and had a mammorgram done but nothing was found it was siad to be all clear. but a year later still had the same problem so was sent back 4 another mammorgram which turned out the same it was only mine and my husbands persistence that i had a needle bi-opp done and given the results within 15min to our shock it was cancer. they said that it was hard to tell from the mammorgrams as it just looked like normal fat and tissue. so i had it 4 a year before anyone realised and it had spread. so pls pls pls its ur body be possitive with your dr tell them what you want and get looked at

good luck let us all know how it go’s x x

Hi thanks for your comments.

yes it was at the breast clinic, and the consultant were very kind BUT just kept asking me how i feel and what i thought. then said i cant feel anything to be concerned about and i would just have the test for pituitary tumour to see if the problems upstairs (his words). so i asked about a mammogram of ultra sound and said i had read up on the subject and although i am being positive i would prefer to be checked. to which he answered he didn’t think it was necessary, then said i strongly suggest you just don’t fiddle with it or let anyone else fiddle with it. you no what i mean (again his words) . I were quite upset at this point and left and had my bloods done… It wasn’t till i got home i thought that it wasn’t right, I find it really strange that you have to fight just to get checked i feel a bit of a hypercondriac just keep banging on about it but just want a definite your fine go home and forget about it. Or worse case OK its BC and at least start to treat. he did say that they would write to me with the results and would write to me with an appointment for six weeks time. in the mean time if the discharge stops cancel the appointment. I Have had these symptoms for 6-8 months plus i cant see any reason why it would stop in the next six weeks. Thanks poppet39 and i think i am just going to bite the bullet and ring the nurse.

I were given a card on the way out with a number on if i needed anything but am quite shy when it comes to talking to people and i wouldnt no what to say i get really tongue tied.

Please, please go back. This type of ignorance from consultants makes me mad!!
I was diagnosed with pagets (nipple cancer) in April this year. My symptom was discharge from the left nipple (only one nipple). I did NOT have any lumps. I needed a mastectomy.
It took nearly 6 weeks of tests to finally diagnose it - discharge showed abnormal cells, mammo showed microcalcifications, core biopsy was inconclusive. It was finally when they took a sample of nipple tissue under local that they finally diagnosed pagets.
It was a difficult time for me, and my family - but I am not well, and looking forward to a recon in 12 days time (WHhhhopppeeeee).

It was only after the matectomy that they finally could analyse the full extent of what I had - it was DCIS and pagets. However, I am now free of cancer.
I dont want to fighten you, but I wouldnt want you to regret not following it up in a few years time, if they have missed something.
If it can be caught at an early stage, the chances of needing chemo are reduced, and your prognosis is excellent.

Go back - insist on more tests, or at least an explanation of what this discharge is, if it is not cancer.


Hi Lisa

Do you think its worth phoning the breast care nurse or wait for my next appointment and ask then

L x

can i also ask whats DCIS?

Hi Liz

I am glad you are online. DCIS is Ductal carcinoma in situ - grade 0 cancer or sometimes called pre-cancerous. It is cancer which has not developed the ability to invade any surrounding tissue. It is highly curable, and does not need follow up of chemo or rads.

I would ring your bcn if your appt is not for a few weeks - be strong. The fact that there are no lumps is promising.
I didnt have a lump, but they did give me the mammogram, and took a sample of the discharge to check.
Did they do that for you? The discharge sample showed ‘abnormal cells’, and the mammo showed some tiny white dots behind the nipple called ‘microcalcifications’.
But you cant feel them!!
To do nothing and disregard it, I think is umprofessional,


One other thing - it may not be the worst case, but you need to know what it is. There are hundreds of other things it can be, but they need to do some tests to find out! It is not that I think you have cancer, it is rather the fact that they havent done any tests!!!


Thanks for the DCIS explaination i am just not very familiar with all these terms.

No apart from blood test no tests at all apart from bloods. the nurse went to look for a plate or slide to put the discharge on but the consultant said he cant see any blood so dont worry about it

He just sempt relly complasent about it my hubby said well thats a good thing he cant be that worried about it. and i should feel reasured but i just dont.

I cant find the card if i phone the breast clinic will they be able to tell me who she were i am going to phone while am online and i am in the mind set if i leave it i may not ring…

how bad is my spelling !!!

Well here goes!

Hi Lisa

Just got through to the nurse and it was like pulling teeth. she said a mammogram would not be of any use as my breasts are to dense. and said its normal for them not to send discharge off for tests if its not visibly bloodstained. she sempt quite put out. so i insisted that i went back to have it tested for microscopic blood and shes going to do her best to have make me another appointment at the clinic she’ll ring me later it may be that they’ll do it when i go back in 6 weeks but they going to test. Thanks so much? i wouldn’t have phoned back if it wasn’t for you…

I feel much better now! just knoing there going to look.

L x

Hi Lisa

Shes just rung me back am back in tommorow at 3.30… thank you so much ill keep you updated x x x x x

Well done Liz,

Make sure you write down all your questions today before you go back in and even if you feel awkward - DONT leave until they answer them. eg. what tests are you going to do? Why are you not going to do these tests? What are you checking for? Are you checking for …? Why can’t I have …? I want…

Hopefully they will do the triple test and take a sample but if not DEMAND it.

There’s nothing like a weepy stroppy woman to make em do something particularly if you can manage hysterical sobs! LOL! (I know thats not everyone’s way but when they refused to discharge me when they had promised and I was sat dressed and packed on my bed I broke down in body shaking sobs [not intentional but upset/rage/frustration] and the doc quickly ran off and called my consultant at home on a Sunday morning who said yes I could go!)

Good luck, x

I will Keep that in mind and i could definitely manage that intentional or not. It was a struggle to get them to test me and give me a second appointment so am not leaving tilll i get at least on my way to getting some answers. I keep telling myself i am not wasting there time its there job and my doctor were concerned enough to send me to the clinic. so at least they can do is test me. So well see… Thanks chick i hope your recon is everything you expect… but i will talk to you before then x x x

Take care


PS ill be online this afternoon about 2 ish if you can make it .

Hi Liz

That is great. I cant believe how non-plussed they are being about this.
My breasts are very dense also. Infact, the first day they gave me a mammo, they were so bad (before period) that they told me to come back the following week.
But they did see the little white dots. … and they did check the discharge.

You are doing the right thing. If they get stroppy with you start talking about the ‘NICE’ guidelines. You are entitled to proper address of the symptoms you are presenting - a nipple discharge should not be ignored. What hospital are you going to? I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems.

Incidentally - four years ago, I had a cyst. My consultant said it was a cyst and told me not to worry. However, she did sent me for a mammogram, and scan - the full works. To be over causious is better than complacent.

I will be online later also.


chesterfield hospital and they said thats how they do things…

So no need to worry .

dont understand really

Hi Liz

Well you are going back tomorrow to find some answers.
I just feel so passionate about early diagnosis of breast cancer. It is curative if caught early… and if there is a lump and it does turn out to be cancer, then you need the full cut, burn and poison regime. If it is caught before it has become invasive (lump), then the prognosis is much better and the treatment is less.

Anyway, just remember, it may not be the worst, you just need to eliminate it.