Not sure what to do re surgery


I have been offered a chest wall perforator flap breast reconstruction, I was also offered a lumpectomy 

I was thinking of just having the lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy but was told it would shrink the breast even further so now in two minds 

If anyone has had one of these operations please could you share how it went for you 

Best wishes x 


similar (not exactly the same) options have been offered to me.I went for the lumpectomy and radio(not much shrinking in my case despite 15 sessions).Things to consider here the following- how large in your tumour, scarring , the time of recovery after the surgery, and the radiotherapy process…

I personally would consider going for the consultation , looking  at the pictures and then making your decision…

also if you are a smoker or not, as i was told that is one of the important  factors, determining how much the breast will shrink during the radio…

some pretty interesting info here:

It is a hard decision really .

please look after yourself. xx