Nottingham 20 and 21 June - Younger Women Together Two days of information, support and sharing

We are now recruiting for the Younger Women Together event in Nottingham on the 20th and 21st June
The Younger Women Together event  is a free two day event for women aged 20 -45 who are within 3 years of diagnosis. There will be guest speakers, workshops, wellbeing sessions and discussion groups that are there to guide you through a wide range of topics specifically related to younger women with breast cancer. The event  provides high-quality information on essentials such as treatment, breast reconstruction, fertility, intimacy and sexuality, lymphoedema, and more. You can also find out about healthy eating and nutrition in relation to breast cancer.

If you would like more information either call 0845 077 1893 or email
 Best wishes

Bringing this to the top for anyone who is interested.

Jo, Moderator

I have my place confirmed, yay! Who else is going? Just hoping that my first chemo won’t make me feel too ill to go as I’m really looking forward to this and feels like a real lifeline. Fingers crossed!

Sounds like pretty good timing for you then jayfi :slight_smile: my first chemo was last Monday so the forum will be the Fri and Sat before my second chemo on Mon 23rd so it’s good timing for me too! Will see you there :slight_smile: