November 18 chemo starters

Hi Liloc, I wasn’t able to work on chemo because of the high risk of infection from working with children. However, if I could I would have been able to on FEC after the first week. Probably not at all on T, but everyone is different!! Depending on your circumstances I have enjoyed having the time off and being able to concentrate on my recovery. Hope that helps. Kx

Hi Liloc 

I was told I’m not allowed to work as I work in a gp surgery and the risk to infection is too high even though I work upstairs in admin with no patient contact the consultant was not happy for me to go in ! May look at doing some work from home but going to get Christmas out the way first.


Good luck everyone x


Just wanted to pop in and see how your all feeling

I’m a few days post first chemo now and feel slightly more human , and certainly not as nauseous thank goodness
My brother is cooking for us today which will be lovely ?

Good to hear from all of you who have got through your first chemo - go girls! I start tomorrow, I am also really confused about work, my work are being ok but giving me a bit of pressure to make a decision if I will be signed off the entire time or work at some points - what’s the norm on being paid? My company are indicating that they may reduce my salary if I do reduced hours/duties and maybe only go to statutory sick pay if I don’t work at all ?
I’had grade 3, 2.1m tumour that was er+ and her2+, had a mastectomy 4 weeks ago and will have FEC and T plus Herceptin and then hormone therapy after chemo.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow, going to try the cold cap but got my wig yesterday as back up!

3 days after first chemo and not feeling too bad. Was a little bit sick on Sat but otherwise the nausea is manageable. The worst bit has been getting up at 6 every morning to go to the loo and then being tired in the afternoon. Sleep patterns totally disturbed. Had a bit of moment yesterday when I Just wanted my Mum! I am 58 and unfortunately she passed 4 years ago so just went to see my Dad who is 85 - he his brill although worried to death. My brother’s partner is 6 years post treatment so they have been a great help. Must mention my best friend who has been my rock other than my husband - taking me to appts and out to lunch! with regard to work, I work 3 hours a week in a private physio clinic so won’t be working at all during treatment. I think a lot of it depends on what you do, also my nurse practitioner said to see how you feel during the first cycle. Hope you are all feeling a little better this morning.

Sals contact Macmillan for advice on sick pay. It does depend on your company’s policy, which should be clear in your staff handbook. They should not be putting pressure on you for a decision and you are entitled to reasonable adjustments. Again Macmillan have excellent advice. Kx

I agree Sals
Speak with someone
No one need pressure to decide what or how you will feel once you have started chemo
The first few days I couldn’t move felt extremely sick and at points was sick
Due to my job it will be in likely I can work however
I do think this week I would manage a few hours all though my brain is a bit mushy so would probably have to have someone check my work xx
Also wishing you well for today x

Hi, had my first session of FEC-T today, all went ok. My arm hurts a bit as I had the PICC line fitted and then had the chemo immediately afterwards, so it feels like I’ve been punched repeatedly! I had the cold cap - a bit painful for the first 10 minutes, but fine after that - except for feeling very cold - I wore lots of layers and had my partner’s ski jacket over my legs, but actually it was a lovely cup of tea that finally made me feel a bit warmer. I’m now feeling a bit nauseous and have a slight headache but probably better than expected. 

Good luck everyone!

Hiya all.

Got my first chemo tomorrow morning and a bit anxious about it but ready to get started. I’m on the trial so will be having Carboplatin and Paclitaxel tomorrow then Paclitaxel on day 8 and then day 15 and the cycle starts again and will last for 12 weeks then 3 cycles of EC ?

Well, I had long blonde hair but decided after a few glasses of wine on Saturday to take the plunge and cut it off myself. Put it in a ponytail and chopped it off. I wasn’t sad about it strangely enough and felt quite liberating. I just wanted to have my last bit of control over this awful situation if that makes sense. Thought I’d done a good job of it til I saw the back on Sunday morning and had to get my hairdresser friend to come and tidy it up for me. I’m donating it to the Princess trust. I got my wig today and I’m really pleased with it and feel confident to wear it out when the time comes. Looks better than my own hair at the moment!! Take care ladies and will keep in touch xx

Good to read these! I start chemo on Thursday and am not sleeping well already. I’m self employed and am anxious about how it will make me feel. I haven’t yet sorted a wig, how long does this take?? I don’t live in the city which doesn’t help!!

Hi Mulmaj

I got my wig at the McMillan centre at my hospital
It was a little bit difficult to start with as they needed referral form which wasn’t given to me but the day of my first chemo they squeezed me in and I had the wig that day as I chose one that was in stock
I was dreading the whole thing however the lady was brilliant and it didn’t look as bad as I expected xx

Good luck for today and rest up when needed xx

Hi Lisajayne, 5 days is about right for FEC. You should be ok now until your next cycle. I found I was able to make plans for two weeks out of three on FEC. Docetaxol hit me a bit harder. Not so bad to start, but a slower recovery. Good luck with your treatment. Kxx

Hiya! Well, it wasn’t half as bad as I expected and everyone is so lovely. I’m just a bit tired but think that’s just down to being sat there all this time. Have come away with a bagful of goodies to counteract any side effects. Got the district nurse coming out Thurs, Fri and Sat to give me an injection in my tummy something to do with helping my bone marrow. She’ll show me how to do it so I can do it myself next time. 1 down 14 to go!!

Lisa & pigeon - Didnt get the itchy bottom or lady garden sensation, ha!! Don’t think I’m gona have the PICC line as it looks like my viens are okay xx

Mullmaj - The hospital sent my wig referral through to the company they used last Wednesday. I walked in yesterday and they had my referal and I came away with one that I’m really pleased with. However, I also bought a mannequin head to put my wig on to keep it in shape and had it on my dressing table. But…I’ve had to put it out of sight as my 2 dogs wanted to kill it and went berserk barking at it and wanted to get at it ? xx

Lilypad - Good luck for tomorrow, you’ll be fine ? What were you randomised to do on the trial? I ended up with chemo only and Lisa on here has too xx

Hmdhelen - How are you feeling today? Hope you’re okay xx

Sals - How did you get on today? Hope you’re okay xx

Harkes - Glad you’re feeling a bit better. I’m in a similar situation as I lost my Mum 9 years ago and have had many moments since being diagnosed where I wanted her ? My brothers wife is 10 year cancer free and it is very reassuring getting advice from her and also seeing her so happy and healthy xx

Take care ladies and yes we are gona kick it’s ass!! PMA (Positive Mental Attiude) ?


Hi all
Been home and on my sofa for about an hour, also found the whole experience very manageable, I had the cold cap which also was fine - first 10mins were a bit chilly but after that ok, time will tell if it works or not. I feel ok but a bit spaced out and light headed which is a great excuse to get my husband and 4 boys running around after me. I’ve got the injection too but only one for tomorrow and lots of anti sickness meds. Fingers crossed for everyone that the next few days aren’t too bad. Look after yourselves girls or better still get someone else to look after you. The company I work for just launched a new perfume called Girls Can Do Anything, i’m sending you that attitude - we’ve got this…

Quick question I have bought a wig as backup plan, I got the VAT off but I heard you can get a voucher from NHS anyone know anything about that?

Hello sals

I got mine from the chemo unit - maybe ask your BCN as a starting point.


Hi Sals

I’m not sure how it works
Mine cost 71 with nhs not sure what it should have cost though

Hi Sals

Mine should have been £165 but was free on the NHS after they sent my referral through to the shop in Leeds that supplies them. The lady in the shop said it should last about 6 months if I look after it. If I did want another I would have to pay but minus the VAT. I’m sure there is probably a limit but not sure how much it is but she was trying wigs on me up to £260. Hope it helps xx

Yes great thanks i’ll look into it going to GP tomorrow for my injection as I am not sure about doing it myself has anyone done it yet? Starting to feel a bit ?

Hi everyone,

Great to read all your news, seems like we’re doing pretty well so far…fingers crossed!

I’m feeling surprisingly well today - didn’t sleep much (thanks to the steroids I think), but I haven’t felt nauseous (eating little and often seems to be key, as well as taking the antisickness meds) and my headache has gone. I have developed very rosy cheeks though! Not sure what that’s about…

I administered my first filgrastim injection this evening - it was much easier than I’d anticipated!

Managed to walk to the shops this morning and take the dog for a walk this afternoon, so energy levels are also pretty good.

I’m not taking anything for granted, but at least I’ve had a very positive start. I’ll keep you posted, and wish everyone all the best.