November 18 chemo starters

I just wanted to set this up for all you starters

Hi there. I start my chemo next Tues 6th Nov and absolutely bricking it!! Have read through the Oct thread and have some idea what to expect but understand everyone is different. Would be great to hear how we are all getting on. Good luck xx

Hi, I will be starting chemo next Tuesday too the weirdest thing is I am 4 weeks post mastectomy and feeling pretty well so to begin treatment knowing I am going to feel a whole lot worse feels a bit wrong but I know it’s necessary so just got to get on with it
Good luck to us let’s report back next week…

Hi both
I will be staying in this thread all though officially I’m an October starter but had my first on Monday so am fairly behind a lot of ladies in October
I found I was completed daunted at the thought of going for my first one
And then it wasn’t so bad nurses were lovely
I’m not cold capping couldn’t bear the thought of how cold it is
My advice would be take the anti sickness as prescribed and just try to remember each time it’s one ticked of the list xx

Morning all you lovely ladies


Just wanted to pop in and say hi … I was were you are now this time last year!  I was on the November 17 chemo thread.

The help and support that I gained from the thread was incredible … a group of chemo warriors who have been thrown together on this awful journey, sharing laughter and tears, good times and bad.


But you do come out the other side!  Your hair does grow back … but not like it was!  You do lose the steroid look and you do get back to normal, it just might be a different normal.


My bits of advice woud be as you start off …


If you are feeling nauseaous/being sick let your unit know right away, dont wait to see if it gets better.  They start you off on a base line anti-sickness and it doesnt suit everyone.  If its not working for you - sing out and try another one, they work incredibly quickly when they do hit the mark so you will get quick relief.


If you are worried about anything, anytime, speak to your chemo unit.  They have been asked every stupid, daft question in the book and wont mind reassuring you.


Invest in a ear thermometer - your temp will do weird things over the coming weeks and you need to keep a close eye on it.


If you are having the injections post chemo to boost your blood production, try taking Clarityn once a day, it keeps the joint pains at bay.


And finally use this board as a safe place to offload and ask questions.


I now have a strong band of chemo friends - there are 9 of us who are still in touch and meet up - spread from Glasgow to Melbourne Australia.  I couldn’t have got thru it without this board.


love and hugs to you all,  I will be thinking of you all as I mark off my chemo chair anniversaries!





I’m starting tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Anyone on here doing the Partner Trial for TNBC, BRCA1/BRCA2 Gene, let me know how you’re getting on.


Juzcooper1971, I have drawn option 1 on the trial so just the chemotherapy.  I little disappointed, but still positive about the drugs being given.  Let me know how you get on.


Good luck everyone 


Lisa x

I’m starting on Monday, I’ve got my ‘chemo chat’ at the hospital tomorrow. Good luck everyone, I think it’ll be really helpful to swap experiences.

I wish you both luck for tomorrow
Another step in this journey xx

Hi I had my first chemo today I’d decided to try the cold capping and found it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting ! The nurses are great and made me feel better about the whole thing, feel a bit calmer now that I know what to expect… 1 down 5 to go !! . Good luck ladies stay strong x

Hi, I don’t start until the middle of the month so I may be behind everyone else. I have a 2cm triple negative lump but I am doing chemo first and then surgery, followed by radiotherapy. Would be interested in hearing if anyone else is doing the same as surgery first seems much more common. Also has anyone opted for a port (I have a needle phobia but equally squeamish about that alternative ?)? Thanks to lesley62 for lovely reassuring post.



I’m Helen and I’m due to start Chemo on Thursday next week. Which will be 6 weeks following masectomy. Going for an introduction on Chemo unit next Tuesday and PICC line fitting.


This weekend I am decontaminating the house, kids, husband and cats. If it moves I’m going to clean it, if it doesn’t move I’m going to clean it,  not taking any chances ha ha. 


My main worry is how will I get through 6 rounds of chemo with a three year old who picks up every bug thats going?


Take care and have a good Friday

Helen xxx



Hi everyone,


I had had my pre-assessment/introduction and PICC line fitting yesterday, and am going in for first chemo treatment today. ?


The nurses were all lovely when I was there yesterday, and kept saying that the worst part is the fear of the unknown, and once you have the first treatment you’ll be a lot more relaxed.


Good luck to all of the other November starters!

I’m triple negative but had surgery first
I’m sure different hospitals seem to treat differently
I’m now having 8 cycles of chemo and the radio
Listen to your body’s and take all the meds given to keep side effects at bay xx

Hiya ladies. I have triple negative, grade 3 with no lymph node involvement. Having chemo first then surgery then radiotherapy. How did you get on today pigeon and Lisa? Been thinking about you both all day. Been told I am eligible for the trial and randomised to just chemo too ? Same as you Lisa a bit disappointed but ready to crack on now. We’re still getting additonal treatment and constant monitoring. Bring it on!! The sooner we get started the sooner we’ll be done and hopefully rid of this awful disease. Keep us posted and take care my lovelies xx

Thanks for thinking of me juzcooper1971 :relaxed: Good luck for Tuesday!

Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I didn’t feel sick or anything, just had an odd pain in my sinus at one stage when one of the drugs was going in, but even that wasn’t too bad.

Still feeling ok now, just quite tired, fingers crossed it stays like this!

Was diagnosed on 7th Sept with a grade 3, 19mm tumour ER 8, Pr 5 HER2 negative. Had

 a wide local excision and lymph node removal on 21st September. 1 node was positive and one had individual tumour cells out of eleven.

Had my first chemo today and used the cold cap, uncomfortable for the first ten mins while getting cold but after that was ok. Was given hair care advice, but told not to have my hair cut. Can anyone give me advice?


Hello ladies

Can I interest any of you in a game to help you combat chemo brain and to give a bit of light relief on this journey we are all on? It’s on this forum in the coffee lounge /chat and games section and is called word association again.

I think this link might take you to it

Hope to see you over there: Let’s get that gray matter pumping ???

Sue xx

Hi everyone. I was Diagnosed with Triple Negative BC at end of September. So for me it’s chemo, then surgery and then radiotherapy. Doing the Partner study but haven’t been randomised yet (will find out on Monday). Due to start chemo then on Wednesday 7th. Nervous about it, but I just want to get started now.
Good luck to everyone xx

Well done to those who already have one session under their belt. Can I just ask what you have all done about work? Are you all on sick leave? I have a desk job and could ask my firm if I can work from home but I don’t know if I’ll feel up to it. I guess I could take 3 weeks off just to see how the first cycle affects me…? Asked the October starters to mixed response ?Liza

Hope those that have there first one under there belts are feeling ok
Work well it really depends how chemo affects you and what sort of job you do
I manage a nursing home so huge infection risk and chemo well hasn’t been brilliant for me
I do plan or am hoping week three maybe I can do a little work from home but will have to see x