November 2018 Radiotherapy

Hi all, hope you are all doing ok with your healing .
I had my planning appt yesterday with Radiotherapy dept and they discussed treatment . They had to make sure I was not pregnant so had to give a urine sample for testing … this is required before they can carry out CT scan . The radiologists did my tattoos / markings . The appr lasted about an hour .

The radiologist thinks I should be ok to drive myself for the first 7-10 days after that I will need to be chaperoned as fatigue will kick in once into treatment

I was given list of Rads appts starting on 12 November through to 7 December so will need 3 weeks Rads on the breast and then 5 day booster on part breast where tumor was removed .

I’m very nervous as im dreading having to commute to Oxford Hospital 5 days a week …

At least it will all be done well before Xmas

Good luck to everyone having Rads in November . Keep us updated



To be honest again it is fear of the unknown as with every stage of our treatment, but honestly once you get the first one over with, that tends to be the longest as they check all the measurements etc., that your oncologist has given them, it only takes about 15 mins from undressing to dressing.


I worked, albeit only 12 hours a week, throughout my rads and drove myself to all my appointments, but then it was only 6 miles each way so not that far. 


Make sure you take in plenty of fluids every day as that will help with any potential dehydration effects from the rads and just listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to rest.


Helena xxx


I’m starting rad treatment on a Monday so thought I’d join the November group as will mostly be treated in November :slight_smile:

Has anyone bought any creams to use on their skin afterwards?!

I’ve been told to drink lots of water and do a bit of excercises each day during treatment… going to try and work through it (I work 2.5 days/week) but will depend on possible fatigue I guess ?!

Hope all goes well for you all anyway :slight_smile:

Sarah X

Hi Helena, I do worry about the future and about recurrences . It is going to be a challenge me getting through the next 6 months .

Yes the radiologist did say to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and fatigue. Unfortunately for me I will have to travel 30 miles to hospital ( total journey is 60 miles ) daily which is just over an hour …
I also commute to work daily which is 60 miles daily and currently on a phased return to work . 3 days week ( 12 hours total) this May increase .

It will not be practical for me to drive to work then drive to hospital and then drive home again so I’m not sure yet whether I will be expected to work from home or be signed off work for the month . Will see how I feel whilst going through treatment x

Hi Sarah , good luck with the Rads

Hospital did mention Aveeno but I understand that this is quite expensive. A lot of women I have spoken to have used acqueous cream which I understand is cheap for a big tub and just apply it few times daily .

I will be applying this a week before my Rads start to ensure my skin is soft/ supple plus get me in the routine of applying body cream . X

Hi Helena
Yes good point ! My GP did tell me that I qualified for a medical exemption card so entitled to free prescriptions. I will mention it to my GP when she calls me before my Rads start as I have a tele interview arranged … thanks x

Just dropping in to see who is on the latest wave of Rad treatment!!!
Fezzy, Im so glad that the system kicked in and that you have your dates ???
I finished rads 16 weeks ago now and it feels like a lifetime has passed since then.
Mine were at a hospital about 30 miles away and going on the M25 threw a spanner in the works, but most of the time it was a clear run. 2 and a bit hours round trip and sometimes for a session where I was in and out in under 10 min.
Still to this day apply Aveeno although through treatment I used Aloe Vera moisturiser and gel. The gel was lovely and cooling straight after my treatment. To this day, if I have a hot shower or bath, I can see a very faint pink line of were the rads ended half way up my chest, but apart from that everything is settled.
I used to take a couple of paracetamol about half an hour before my treatment just to ward off any armpain but I was ok throughout so Im not sure if it was the tablets or mind over matter!!!
And drink lots of water!!!
Good luck ???

Hello all, just popping in to say hello to everyone else starting or undergoing radiotherapy treatment in November. My sessions start 7 November and I am quite apprehensive but I’m sure it will be ok. 45 minute journey each way but hoping it will not be too bad. All will be over by Christmas anyway ?

Hi ellajo
I finish my rads next Wed. It’s fine after you’ve had first session. Just strange at first in room with machine but I found the ladies were great really put me at ease.

My problem was the 45 minute journey as I’m a terrible traveller. I got used to it about half way through and had a coupe of appointments that ran over time but for most part we had a 3hour round trip including treatments.

I’m sure you will be fine where are you going for treatment, I go to Sheffield.
The time does go by fairly quick and they treat you very well.

Hope your treatment goes ok.
Hugs Susan xx

Hello everyone. I start radiotherapy on 9th November, 3 weeks plus a booster week. I’ve had to wait for my underarm seroma to get smaller (now a haematoma) so I’m actually delighted (odd word to use I know!) to be starting as I had my surgery the very beginning of August. 


I had my planning session yesterday. It took a bit longer as for some reason they couldn’t get the board that tracks your breathing to sit properly on my torso. A few of them had a go, apparently because I’m petite on the top and my breathing isn’t that obvious! Because I was on the scanner table for so long I got very, very cold and was shaking so they gave me a 20 minute break to go get a hot drink and warm up. I ran up and down the stairs a few times, I also waved my arms about a lot as the arm that had the axillary clearance had gone completely numb, the other arm was just a bit stiff (must have looked a bit mad). Anyway, we got back on with it and I managed the deep breathing to hold my breath ok. At least I know the radiotherapy sessions will be swift! 


With regards to the skin, I currently use Aveeno, cream and post shower spray. From what I’ve read it seems everyone has had slightly different experiences, but glad I have lots of backup solutions to try from all the geat posts other people have made should I need it. I’m 45 mins from Oxford, on Fridays and the weekend my husband has said he will drive me, the other 2 days I’ll drive myself… well that’s the plan! 


Good of luck everyone xx 

Hello ladies

My radiotherapy starts on 8th November and have 23 sessions in all, finishing 10th December. Relieved that this next stage of treatment is just around the corner as surgery (WLE & SNB) was 28th August. Got my 3 tattoos at my planning session a week and a half ago and all the “bumf” so am good to go ?. The journey to the hospital is the only bit that’s daunting to be honest as it’s it’s an 80 mile round trip. But hey-ho, not much I can do about it!

Good luck to you all, may our rads go quickly and uneventfully ?.

Hello everyone - just dropping into the forum. I finish my sessions on Tuesday. I like so many others have used Aveeno cream - it has worked well. I am red and very hot but the skin so far seems okay.

My trip to hospital has been very exhausting - 2-3hrs each way.

I have had added complications so my care had to be in central London - the clinic were wonderful and I have had transport every day BUT it is still leaving at 6am and back anytime between 1-2pm. 

Needless to say I have managed to do very little in this 3 week period.

It is weird also to be feelign anxious that treatment is about to end - the hospital has become a second home to me - I have asked about getting pychological help and will get an update Tuesday.

To everyone starting in November - I send all the best to you to soldier through and if in doubt - ask on here or ask at the clinic - the staff are wonderful. 

Hi Everyone,

As of today I am now a third of the way through my treatment. I’m having 15 sessions which include 5 boosts. Very pleased that I’ve been saved an additional 5 days of appointments.

So far, I’m ok. I had a bad day yesterday and was ready to throw in the towel. I asked today if it would be dangerous to just stop. Was told not really dangerous, but I will have put myself through all the risks and receive no benefits. If only we all had a crystal ball! Every session makes me feel a little more terrified!

I’m using Aveeno after my shower in the morning, and then R1 and R2 gel/cream. I was lucky to get it on prescription as it’s very expensive. I just hope that it works! I think that I may have to ask for some more of the R2 cream though. BTW… Aveeno is £3.75 at Asda at the moment. I think I’m going to stock up!

The travelling is a nightmare, it’s taking me about an hour and 10 minutes. I got there this morning with only minutes to spare.

Good luck to everyone!
Jules x

hi ladies hope you are all getting on ok. It was day two of rads today, has anyone else been told its best not to use cream just before treatment as it can act like a second skin and rads might not be as effective. Early days yet but not feeling any effects yet just maybe a bit more tired, only 18 more to go …   Fezzy x

I was supposed to start rads on 26th October, but it’s been delayed after I developed an infected haematoma 3 weeks post WLE. Surgically removed on 19th October. Wound still oozing and need dressing changes every other day.
Has anyone else had this type of situation?
I’m lucky in a way that is was an intermediate grade non-invasive DCIS, so I’ve been assured the delay won’t cause any harm.

Hi Fazzy,

I see you have started and wish you all the best .
The radiologist told he that I could apply a water based cream beforehand after showering providing it has been applied on lightly .

She did also say not too worry too much over it as they would ensure that the area is cleaned off ?

Hope rest of the sessions go ok for you x

Hi Katie poo

Haematonas are very unpleasant. was this underarm or in the breast area ?

I had WLE and SNB and developed one under arm where they removed my sentinel nodes and the breast care nurses tried to drain it but then realized they couldn’t as blood . Saw a doctor and he told me to leave it as it would go away in its own and lucky enough it did just that so didn’t need any surgical intervention . It did take a good 8 weeks for it to heal . Contracted mine 10 days after surgery . It’s so painful and uncomfortable. Hope it heals quickly for you.
I understand why need to postpone the Rads as you need to be able to raise your arm above your head whilst undergoing Rads and can imagine it’s very sore for you now .

It will get better - sending you hugs x

Good morning everyone

I still have to wait another week before starting my Rads. Seems the waiting is making me very nervous.

Did your radiologist tell you that you could continue taking hormonal tablets such as tamoxifen etc during Rads ? Presumably this will not affect it ?

Sending you all hugs x

There was an attempted aspiration of it a week prior to surgery, but it was too thick.
Measured 7x5cm on ultrasound.
It became infected 3 days later on a Sunday typically so got antibiotics from the GP on the Monday.
My breast care nurse got me an appointment for 2 days later but it opened up the scar before i got there.
It’s my breast only and I think I’ve got another 2 weeks of dressing changes at least before it closes up.

Fezzy, I was also told about the cream acting as a barrier. My sessions were at 6 every evening so I just made sure I didn’t put any cream on after 2. And even then I used a wet wipe just before going in, just to freshen up. Putting the cream on earlier gave it time to sink in. I’m still using Aveeno twice a day although I used Aloe Vera cream and gel during treatment.
My boyfriend drove me to all my appointments so even though it was an hour each way, I could just sit back and let him carry on!!!
There were times when I stressed about being late and missing my slot, as we had to hit the M25 at 5:30pm (!!!) but I just called the unit if I could see us being late and they just swap me with someone who was already there. That said, my unit had 12 machines, not everyone in use at that time of the evening, so there was a bit of leeway and there were times I got bumped up the waiting list just to get us all through and give the staff an early night!!!