November 2018 Surgery...

Today is the big day, I am at the hospital for surgery. I look forward to getting knocked out and get it over with. 


It’s a scary time right now, being drawn all over with black marker! I remember looking in the mirror and thinking “whatever they do to me, has to be an improvement on this reflection”. It’s now 9 days post-op and I’m feeling and looking pretty good, all things considered. More importantly, im cancer free. So life is good. Have check ups next week and nipple reconstruction and tattooing to consider now. If I’m really honest, the op, the stay in hospital etc was nowhere near as bad as I’d expected. You’ll sail through I’m sure and be fine ?

up, dressed, had shower and going out for coffee later 1 week post-mastectomy.

Only annoying thing is gravel rash sensation from ANC, but hopefully it will settle like it did after SNB.

Even managed the washing up yesterday!

Good luck Wahini ? I’m a week today post quadrantectomy, results next week, new nipple later ? 

I can’t believe how it’s healing, I didn’t have much pain just a horrendous burning under my arm.

ive been out everyday and doing my excersises xx

Good afternoon everyone

I had breast conserving surgery yesterday, have taken a long time to come around due to such a lack of sleep before hand. Pain killers doing there job but don’t feel like
going out for a walk just yet. All in all went better than my mind was telling me so it’s ?? for me. A massive thank you to all concerned at Derriford Hospital Plymouth everyone was fantastic could not ask for better. Seeng big Huggs and speedy recovery to everyone we can do this ???

Evening Lorraine H

Thank you. I too found the waiting/unknown unbearable. Staying positive and focused on the healing so I can start my next stage of this journey. Sends Huggs ??

I am back home, the surgery went well. The first night was uncomfortable, next day first drain came out and I could shower. Following day, today, second drain came out and I could go home. I am in a bit of pain but not too bad, my arm is much better than I had expected. Now I have one perky breast (the new one) and a saggy one in comparison. I am glad I am at the other end of it.


Pleased you are home and on the road of recovery. Stay strong and a speedy recovery . Sending big Huggs xxx??

Hope all you ladies who have had surgery are recovering well.  I am still waiting for my second surgery on 29th.  The waiting is unbearable for me having already had surgery on 29th Oct.  Good luck to everyone

Daisydi how are you managing with bras as I feel lopsided? Ta.x

Ta Daisydi. I am wearing sports bras too and scarves but thought padded post op bras would cover up the losidedness. May try a cheap 1 from Asda that I saw.
Shi were yours padded bras and did they help cover the lopsidedness?
I am taking biotin but its in my multivitamins anyway. Can get Jamaican black castor oil on Amazon I have been told.

had my right mastectomy with snb and left ANC 8 Nov. Get results tomorrow as to whether I need a right ANC. Already know I need radio and chemo. The ‘gravel rash’ feeling in my left arm is playing up, I am just hoping that after another 2 weeks it goes away again like it did last time. Still very little brain and very tired. But good arm movement, so that’s something :slight_smile:

sorry, was just needing a bit of a moan

only 2 of 22 nodes positive left side, and we already knew about them :slight_smile:

apparently pathology are having problems identifying the tumour in the right side, so have to go back in a week. Hopefully they might have found it by then. (How hard can it be? It was 4cm diameter and had a titanium marker in it!)

I had my surgery (wire guided wide excision lumpectomy and lymph node removal) on Thursday.
I didn’t and haven’t had any after care what so ever and ended up back at hospital for more dressing as my wounds were weeping everywhere last night.
I haven’t seen a BC nurse who was suppose to come and see me prior to discharge but didn’t and who was suppose to call me yesterday and didn’t.
No wound care advice no pain relief no advice about bras, showering or exercises, I’m feeling very low and neglected. Any one else feel as if they’ve been overlook or not important enough to be treated like everyone else for some reason ?? ?

keep the dressings on for 5 days. They are waterproof, so you can shower when you want. I found the best exercise was to put hands behind head with elbows pointing forward then open up by moving your elbows outwards until pointing in line with your shoulders.

Hi Floss62

I am so gutted you have been neglected at a time when you feel your lowest and most vulnerable. That’s where this forum comes in handy. I had the same op a week Wednesday just gone, so I can only help with what I have done. One week after surgery because hospital is far away I booked into my own surgery with the nurse to check wounds and change dressings this was scary (me being a drama queen ) but all was great wounds healing nicely. If you are not already get yourself a sports bra (if a little busty a good one) I did on line m & s fantastic, wear it day and night . Start exercises (day after surgery) straight away fantastic leaflet “exercises after breast cancer surgery “ from on that note they do loads of leaflets get them they are fantastic for reference and reassurance. Your own Dr will proscribe any pain relief if you need it just call them you don’t have to visit surgery. Sorry for waffling on. On a final note you know your own body if you feel well get up and do it (within reason) and if you don’t SOD it , it can wait. I am still in pain but much better than it was, but they say that’s the healing. As my surgeon says “Baby Steps” . Keep us posted how you are getting on . Sending Massive Huggs xx???xx

Sorry Bloody phone keeps changing text. ??

Hi Daisydi

Thinking of you ?all goes well for the 29th. I feel this is going to be a good day, I had a call this afternoon for me to see my surgeon 29th 11.30 with all my test results ??. You stay strong, sending big Huggs ??

right side was ductal, so I have one of each! Lymph nodes clear, so no further surgery, just chemo and radio. Also got my silicone boobs today along with a mastectomy bra. Not sure I will ever bother wearing them, but will give them a try. Quite happy being flat, but it does make my tummy stick out!

Test results day :-

Tumour was larger than first expected 22mm - clear margins ??. Oestrogen-positive, HER2- negative??, Removed 3 nodes -2-negative ? but 1 positive ?. Consultant was reassuring. Went into meltdown when he told me I was to have chemotherapy, had already prepared myself for the radiotherapy and hormone therapy
My surgeon also came to see me and both of them where very pleased with surgery and wound healing plus my movement (only because I took painkillers before hand?). I understand more why it’s good to take someone with you as I went blank, but BCN had wrote everything down and my husband bless him was listening to every word. Now I have jointed the waiting club again another 2 weeks before I see oncologist.
Speedy recovery to you all. Sending big Huggs ???