November 2018 Surgery...

Hi Ladies,


I’m going to be taking a short break from the forum while I get myself (and my home) ready for my upcoming surgery-I’m also flying abroad this week-end to visit my parents for a week before my surgery date (14th Nov) but before I disappear for a few days, I thought to start a November surgery thread because I’m sure I am not the only one who’s date is in November. I will be having a skin sparing mastectomy with sentinel node mapping (left breast only) with immediate DIEP reconstruction. I’ve been fortunate enough to have “met” some incredible women on here who have had the same op and who have recovered, or are recovering well, and though I had a meltdown a week or so ago, I’m feeling much more optimistic about the op (providing the diagnosis is accurate)-yes, there is still a part of me that is thinking “are you sure the biopsy results were *mine* and not someone else’s”. I’m only too aware that mistakes do happen and the thought of having my boob removed for no reason at all (i.e., in error) sends shivers up my spine. I’m sure I am not the only one who has questioned the reliability of their biopsy results! That aside…


I welcome any other November surgery gals to join me here and share with us what upcoming surgery you will be having, and whether you’re having immediate, delayed, or no reconstruction. 


As I typed the above sentence, it does remind me of ordering a drink at Starbucks…there are many different permutations and combinations of treatments, reconstructions, etc. and no two “cases” are the same. 




Due surgery 8 Nov - second mastectomy with SNB and axillary clearance the other side (initial mastectomy 30 Aug). No reconstruction - going flat. Really hope the SNB is clear, otherwise I’m going to need yet another op and it delays the radio and chemo even more.

Hi Marla13
I’ve posted and inadvertently made another thread for November Surgery- ooops!
So repeating myself here as want to ‘join your gang’.
I’m due my right breast mastectomy and DIEP Recon. on 5/11. I’ve been waiting months for this op but now that is getting nearer, I’m feeling really anxious.
Like you, I keep thinking that they may have made a mistake, but I think its because I can’t feel anything, which apparently is common with lobular BC.
I do feel really well cared for so far, everyone from the BCN to the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon, have been frank and honest and I do trust them. As the op has been long awaited (first diagnosed 2/7) my Breast surgeon has put me on Letrozole already, as he said I’ll have to take it post-surgery anyway.
I’ve been taking it for 2mths and so far I feel fine. Also taking VitD and Calcium.
Getting my bag ready for hospital stay, any tips greatly appreciated.
Have a lovely trip xx

Good luck on the 8th November. I’ll be thinking of you xx

Hi Marla, I will have surgery the day after you as my CT scan came back clear. Phew! The first positive test result in a line of several bad news test results since it all (re-)started. I will have mastectomy of right breast with immediate reconstruction with an implant and mesh, and lymph node clearance. 

Hi Wahini

Glad your CT was clear. It’s such a relief, isn’t it! All the best for your surgery


Hi Maria

Good luck for your surgery too

Hi ladies, my surgery is booked for 12th November, not as extensive as some of yours, I’m having a lumpectomy and SNB, so no reconstruction needed, hope not left too ‘deformed’ x

Hi Maria- just wanted to say hope you have a great time with your parents.
Do you get your oncotype test results today?
Take care.

Hi this will be my third surgery. Two years ago I was diagnosed with low grade DCIS and it was taken care off with a lumpectomy and nothing else. Mammogram year later didn’t show anything sinister. Then half a year ago I felt lump under the scar and hoped it was scar tissue but after a while I thought I better have it checked. Another lump and the dreaded biopsies and this time invasive cancer plus some ambiguous tissue near it! It was classified as grade 2, probably stage 1/2, and it was taken out together with a few lymph nodes end of August. The pathology report of this lump was not good, it was upgraded to grade 3 and a couple of lymph nodes infected. I am not worried they mis-diagnosid, I could feel for myself it was not good. So, now I will have mastectomy and node clearance (which scares me most because of the side effects). The surgeon said " you have been on a bit of a roller coaster", feels more like a downhill slide more like to me. Fortunately the CT scan came back clear.

I will be having a lumpectomy on November 8th, I can’t believe how quickly everything moves. 

I’m just glad Roger came with me, I have no idea what my consultant was saying :frowning: It’s almost like it’s not happening isn’t it ? xx

re breast care nurses: they are basically there as a chaperone, to protect the doctor from any claims of inappropriate touching. Unfortunately this is essential if doing any kind of breast examination.

I’m a Dr and have the joy of having to get chaperones to do intimate examinations.

Hi everyone- this thread seemed to have disappeared for a while. Can’t believe we’re into November- it seemed so far away when the thread was first started.
I’m from the September surgery group but have been following a lot of your progresses, so hope you can update the thread now it’s back.
Sending love to you all - you’re all I in my thoughts. ?

Off for my second mastectomy with snb and anc the other side. Get an overnight stay this time!

Hi. Good luck. Will be thinking of you today. Be sure and let us know how you are. Sending lots of love.???xxx

Hi ladies, I am 10 days post op having had mammoplasty and sentinel node biopsy.  They have said Stage 2 grade 2 but found multifocal areas in cells near the tumour and also one node was positive.  I am now having my second surgery on 29th November to remove suspicious area and have an axillary clearance.  I am so scared yet again especially about the axillary clearance as it is my right side and I am right handed.  My wound is just starting to heal nicely and now it will be cut into again.  I dont know whether I am coming or going. Talk about roller coaster.  Do you think I will have to have chemo now that one node is positive.  Will my staging be upgraded.  I hate this

Hello all. First poster here. Just back home after my second day surgery. First was 4 weeks ago wire guided WLE to remove suspected DCIS. Recovered well from that but results 3 weeks later unfortunately showed small 17mm invasive breast cancer grade 2. Hence my return today one week later to have re-excision as one margin not clear, and SNB. Surgeon reused the same incision and managed to get the sentinel node out via it as well as more tissue so just the one to heal. Not in too much discomfort at the moment and will manage with paracetamol and ibuprofen. I am hoping to heal as well as before but unsure if this will be so.  Fingers crossed. DaisyDi I hope yours goes well - I know it’s a bigger thing you’re having. Sending good vibes.


It is a rollercoaster I agree. I now have to wait till early Dec for results on lymph node as his clinics ‘full’, and radiotherapy won’t start till after Christmas. Not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. Guess I’ll just have to be patient.

back home with drain in. Very little pain, just a bit of gravel rash in upper arm similar to last time. I seem to have reasonable movement both arms. Just not much brain power!

Hi this is my first posting
I have recently been diagnosed with Invasive ductal breast cancer (NST) grade 2/3. My surgeon has told me surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy is the way we are going at this moment in time, but this could change when pathology report comes back after hormone receptor , HER2 and lymph nodes have all been tested.

I have breast conserving surgery 14/11/18 I feel numb, motionless and still cannot believe what is going on in my life, is this normal? I cannot sleep, cry I just feel numb, my friends and family tell me I am brave and strong - I am none of these I am EmPTY

Hi NannaJ
You aren’t empty, if you were you’d feel nothing and you are feeling a mix of so many emotions that those who love you can’t possibly understand. I think you feel more lonely than empty, which is how I felt at the beginning of this journey, as those closest to you just can’t possibly understand what you’re going through.
I’ve been home from hospital since Friday, following a right mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction. Being in hospital with other magnificent ladies going through the same experience was the so uplifting and the loneliness just peeled away from me. I’m sore, uncomfortable and don’t look the same as before but I’m so happy to have come through it.
Just wallow in your friends and family’s love for you, as really it’s that which will give you thecstrengthget you through

Hi JacquiT
Thank you for your understanding. I am so pleased you have come though the other side, I know it’s a long hearing process but I wish you a speedy, reduced pain recovery. Sending big Huggs Julie xx