November 2019 Surgery

Hi, this thread is for anyone having Surgery in November 2019. If any of us can pass any tips on or anything, please ask away on here, there will be ? :heart: Here for anyone who needs us. ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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I am having my surgery on the 19th to have a right mastectomy and my lymph nodes removed… tonight I feel calm…… this morning I woke up petrified x

Hi Shi

Thanks for setting up this thread. I’m having a mastectomy on the 18th and I’m very keen to hear any tips anyone might be kind enough to share. 
I have another question that’s bugging me about what happens after the histology results come back post op -  I.e do you see the oncologist for those, of back to the surgeon? I’m interested to know if anyone had experience of the internal mammary lymph nodes being affected or not? I’ve just got myself all in a sweat about that, having thought that the axillary nodes were the only ones to think about! 
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I had surgery on Friday and I got home Saturday. I’d recommend taking a dressing gown as well but they will give you a hospital one if you don’t have one. Also I took jammies in with me but also took a light top and shorts which I ended up wearing instead. My top is really lose and quite strappy so it didn’t get in the way of the drain and didn’t restrict my arm which is more sore than my boob (I got a mastectomy and then implant reconstruction.) They offered me dihydrocodine before bed, my advice TAKE IT, I didn’t as I felt amazing, like I thought I could run a marathon but believe me it was the meds talking, i woke up at 4.30 barely able to move. I’ve found it’s best to avoid the pain in the first place rather than have to make up for it. Good luck and know that there is loads of support, also make sure you don’t go home until you feel that you are comfortable, it took me until the early afternoon to stop feeling woozy every time I stood up. They did say that there was no rush which made me feel better about taking my time. 

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Hi there…… I am having my surgery tomorrow. I am all marked with the permanent marker where the surgeons are going to remove my breast and part of my tummy for my diep reconstruction…… I have just had my injection to avoid blood clots and my ‘big’ socks are on my bedside table to put on in the morning. I need to be at the hospital for 7am and I am the only one booked into the theatre tomorrow so they are planning to begin at 8.30am…the surgeons hope to be finished in 8 hours. I so need this operation…my breast is so sore and I can now see where the tumour is pressing at my nipple which makes it all seem so real now. I only need to hold it together until I say cheerio to my son who is only 12 years old in the morning then I am going to feel like I can totally go to pieces so he won’t see. I couldn’t have gotten this far and held it together if I didn’t have this forum and been able to read everyone’s experiences and feelings…so a massive thank you to you all…sending much hope to you all xxxxx

Hi. I’m having a single mastectomy (delayed reconstruction) and senetal node biopsy on Tuesday next week. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I will be glad to get the cancer out of my body but I’m not sure how I will feel about my post op body. However hard I try I can’t imagine what it is going to look and feel like. 
It has been good to read people’s experiences and advice on this thread. I have only bought long sleeved button through shirts and pjs, mainly because I’m always cold - do people recommend short sleeved? If so, can I ask why? 
Also, how have people got on with the drain? Is it easy to empty/change? My partner isn’t very good with blood/bodily fluids but insists he will change it for me! 
I still don’t know what my follow up treatment is going to be which is playing on my mind. I feel like I’m in a bit of a limbo - knowing the cancer is going to be gone (hopefully) but not knowing what’s coming next. 
Good luck and big hugs to everyone having surgery this month xx 


L x 

Hi, I’m 2.5 weeks post mastectomy tug flap reconstruction and lymph node clearance. I’m feeling okay my leg is sore as I have had to have excess fluid build up drained and I’m struggling with my underarm. 
Hope everyone post surgery is doing okay. I’m having family dramas and it make me feel worse than the surgery.



I had surgery in November 19. Now I need more.