November 2022 chemo starters

Hi everyone

This thread is for anyone who starts chemotherapy in November 2022 to share thoughts and experiences.


I’ll be starting in November, around the second week. I’m really worried about it all but hoping I’ll just get into a kind of rhythm with it. It’s all happening very fast as was only diagnosed Friday (21/10/22) and am busy booking scans, an echo, Covid and flu jabs, dental appointments, etc etc, all at half term. ??‍ :female_sign:

I am having chemo before surgery, then radio.

To say I’m looking forward to meeting others in this group is the wrong phrase, but I hope you know what I mean!?

Doris X

Just recovering from 3rd lumpectomy to attempt clear margins, results tomorrow… Diagnosed on 18th August with eostreogen positive 22mm IDC and DCIS, Prosigna test indicates high risk of distant spread so starting chemo week of the 14th… 4 treatments in first 12 weeks and then 12 in the next 12 weeks. I’m told it’s standard treatment protocol. Depending on lumpectomy results will have mastectomy and radiotherapy after chemotherapy. 

Good Luck everyone x

Hey everyone sending love to you all. I was diagnosed with triple negative grade 3 breast cancer 2 weeks ago. I’ve spent most of my time having appointments but I’ve managed to go back to work in the second week. I work in a pub so have found it difficult dealing with situations when I feel so emotional all the time. Has anyone else found themselves randomly crying throughout the day? 
I start weekly chemo in the next 2 weeks they said it will take 6 months then I can have surgery to remove the lump and lymph nodes. 
I’m 29 and very independent. My mum and dad said I can move back home which is lovely of them and to be honest I have felt very clingy to my parents since I was diagnosed even though I have a long term boyfriend who I live with. Is this normal? I was told today I won’t be able to drive while having chemo and it was like the last straw and the last bit of my independence being taken away. I started hysterically laughing. I promised my mum I would be more positive going forward so I have used this as a bit of a sounding board to get it out if my system, thank you for letting me. I appreciate anyone who reads this and/or Is going through a journey.

Hi everyone!  It is a whirlwind, isn’t it?  I went for a random checkup in July and mammogram was ordered.  They found some calcification and wanted to check deeper. After several more tests, the call came and it seemed everything changed.  And yes, appointment after appointment… that has been draining for someone who may see a doctor once a year!  Lumpectomy was done, margin was missed so 2nd surgery 3 weeks later.  That surgery was hard to recover from!  Went from DCIS to IDC, ER+, HER2+, grade3 aggressive.  No lymph nodes were cancerous and CT was clear for abdomen and chest.  Started Letrozole to block the estrogen last week.  I did opt out of 12 weeks of Paclitaxel, but chose to focus on the estrogen and HER2+ elements as a preventative.  This week I get the chem port installed, starting 6 weeks of radiation on Wednesday and Herceptin on 11/23.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving on 11/24 so hoping I feel ok after treatment!  For now, my mood is  positive, I feel good, getting back to gym with hubby, and trying to regain a little control over my life!  Trying to embrace the new normal!  
Wishing everyone a week with no side effects and a smile that lights up every waiting room you enter!  Smiles are extremely contagious!   :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: ?

Hello to you all - I wish we weren’t here but I’m very glad to know I’m not alone in going through this. 

My biopsy was August, therapeutic mammoplasty & SNB October and first chemo on 17th Nov. I’m having EC x3 then Docetaxel x3 in 3-week cycles; later radiotherapy and long term meds. The bagful of post-chemo medication prevented my most-feared side effects, and although I have had some problems I feel I’ve got off fairly lightly from the first cycle. I get very tired but think maybe that’s starting to improve. Also a bit emotional but we’re allowed that :slightly_smiling_face: . I’m trying the cold cap so will see how that goes but have a wig and various head gear at the ready.

So that’s me - I know some of you have had tricky times already, and I send you all hugs and best wishes for easier weeks ahead. Let’s get these next few months done!

Hello everyone 

Hope you are all ok.

This is my first post (wish I had found this forum sooner - it’s very informative!)  

I was wondering how everyone is getting on now? I hope everyone is coping ok. 

I had my first cycle of EC chemo on 28th Nov. The first week was pretty horrid tbh (fatigue and nausea mainly) but I’m feeling much better now.

I did use the cold cap and plan to use it for my second cycle on 19th Dec.  What’s your experience of EC chemo and hair loss? I haven’t lost any yet, but is it too early? 

many thanks


Hey. Nice to read all your updates.

I hope your first AC goes ok on Friday @emc1017  .  Actual treatment day was fine for me. I was supposed to start a week earlier but my veins weren’t behaving, so they delayed so I could have a PICC line put in which I’m very glad to have. I didn’t find the cold cap as bad as I expected. It was incredibly unpleasant initially, but that only lasted a couple minutes and then it wasn’t too bad. I found the strap under my chin uncomfortable so next time I  will try to take some padding for that. I had a good headband which kept my ears and forehead warm(ish). I’m also going to try to get my AirPods in next time (not sure if it will be possible though).

My main side effect was incredible acid reflux and heartburn which started the first night. I’ve never had it prior to chemo. I took some otc meds and followed the general advice ie re eating etc and it got better but was still a problem.

No scary reactions like Diz ( I do hope things are more settled for you @Diz68 ). 

Very interesting to read about people’s ‘down days’ as I also had that which is very out of character for me. Not sure if it’s my hormones or what but I didn’t expect that. It only lasted a couple of days thankfully.

Take care everyone and hope you are managing to enjoy the build up to Christmas. X 

Hi all. 
Just catching up on this thread. So sorry to hear about your problems @RABS17  and I do hope your levels have improved and you are feeling better. I’ve been lucky and not have that problem so I’m afraid I can’t offer any practical advice. But do keep remembering that you are in safe hands and you will get better soon. Keep strong and let us know how you are getting on. Take care.