Now confirmed that radiotherapy has worsened my asthma

I had 5 fractions of radiotherapy in March 2022 on my right breast.

Ive been asthmatic since 19, always well controlled. I’m 54 now. 

About 6-8 weeks after radiotherapy I began to experience breathlessness so bad that I couldn’t even walk up the stairs. During the summer I met with my asthma nurse and GP who attempted to tweak my inhalers and I had 3-4 courses of steroids (prednisone). 

In September I saw my surgeon who commented on my laboured breathing and she made me an  appointment for a CT scan.Before the scan could take place I had an asthma attack and ended up in hospital for 3 days. I ended up on a longer weaned course of steroids and was then referred to the respiratory team. The CT scan showed damage to my right lung caused by radiotherapy. 

Fast forward to now and a second CT scan shows that this has improved somewhat but my breathing still remains an issue. I’ve had 7 lots of steroids now since June 2022 which is not great.

Ive now been accepted onto a medical trial for people with uncontrolled asthma and that begins on the 26th April. I’ll be given an injection every month which does the same as steroids without the side effects of steroids.

The breathlessness has caused so much disruption in my life. I’ve had to cancel my gym membership. My partner and I can’t go for walks like we used to. My role at work has been changed because I’ve had to have time off. It’s been more debilitating than during chemo. 

Im hoping that these biologic injections work. If they don’t who knows what will happen. 
Just thought I would share my experience.

That sounds very scary and debilitating  .I have asthma that doesn’t respond to inhalers but I’m not supposed to take too many steroids due to a bone condition I would be interested to hear how you get on with the trial hope it works for you .