Now he's decided he doesn't love me anymore!

Dear Debbie,am so very sad to read about your current situation.What you need right now is to do as little as possible and dont get the hoover out…tell your husband to do it,if he says no,then that says it all.What a bloomin god damned rotten time you are having.My heart goes out to you and I only hope your husband can forgive himself once he comes to his senses .,and more importantly you can forgive him,his timing stinks,you are in my thoughts,you take as much help as you can from your extended family and have some you time to recover physically and emotionally,you are the no 1 priority at the moment…wishing you the best of luck and so hope that things improve all round for you,love Debraxx

Blimey Debbie! I remember saying perhaps he was having a bad reaction and was in denial, but I could boot him up the brackets!!
Dont do housework, just make sure you and the kids are fed, make the most of Mum… you are beautiful and very loveable I’m sure, and have plenty of life left to live. Hang on, get through it with the rest of us.

Really glad to still hear from you, gentle squeeze from me, Zoe x

Hi Debbie

Hugs from me to you. As if you haven’t enough to cope with right now. Men can be such ar*eholes sometimes. I’ve finished with my recon following mastectomy and have a nice pair of boobs now. When you’re finished with the transition you’ll see how fab you look and so will all the other single and sexy guys out there. your hubby won’t get a look in then anyway so let him down lightly now! Sign up to a dating agency and show him that you’re not just a victim of cancer but someone who can do much better for herself.

Excuse my bluntness, my hormones are racing cos of the tamoxifen, my sentiment is true though. I wish you well.

Spunky x