Now my dog has breast cancer

I just don’t believe it. Of all the things a dog could die of, why is it breast cancer? I took her to the vets thinking she had another cyst, it turns out to be a malignant tumour in her mammary gland that has spread to her lungs. ie dog version of breast cancer. No available treatment, very poor prognosis. I had a bit of a melt-down at work when the vets rang me, my friend is really suffering with BC at the moment, having to have fluid drained from her abdomen, waiting for the results of tests on it, so it was all just too much.

Oh RR Im so sorry to hear this, its dreadful as if your anything like me my dog is my friend and was with me by my side through treatment, she had a huge lump on her chest area and luckily it turned out to be a fatty lump at the same time as my bc dx , my heart goes out to you life throws some Cr*p at us ,

Hugs xx

So sorry to read this Road Runner. My last cat died of secondary mammary cancer in 2000… it had run through her body in weeks once, or so it seemed. I hope your vet is as kind and caring as mine was back then. Take time to grieve, losing a pet is losing a family member. Hugs xx

Really sorry to hear this. Pets are such a comfort - and, in the case of my two cats, a source of entertainment too! I’ve laughed and cried with the moggies when I just didn’t want to be with people.
Take care - and a big virtual hug
Wendy xx

RoadRunner, really sorry to hear your sad news. My little cat was diagnosed with cancer (abdomen) while I was having chemo. It was really hard to cope with at the time. I remember feeling that she was trying to take my illness away from me by being ill herself. Sending you a big hug to help you through this time, hope you find some inner strength somewhere to cope.
Joan xxxx

Thank you for your kind words. It is really so unlike me to deal so badly with something - I am usually the strong one. I think I was already very fragile trying to deal with the news about my friend. We have known each other for years, then were both dx with BC a few months apart in 2007. As long as we were both alright my world felt safe (I know it wasn’t, but it gave me great comfort that we had both been through it and were now both OK). Well she hasn’t been OK for a while now, but she was stable. The latest development, just over the last week or so, has left me reeling. I feel so bad for her and her family, and guilty myself - why am I OK when she is not?

So the dog was the last straw. I found myself hiding away in an empty meeting room at work crying into my tea and eating far too many chocolate hobnobs.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having to cope with horrible news about two of your closest friends, can’t imagine how anyone would cope without a bit of a meltdown…
Sending you hugs and a virtual cuppa, take care of you xx

RoadRunner, I’m so sorry to read of the hard time you are having. No wonder you feel overwhelmed with everything. Sometimes its really hard to keep coping all the time and to be strong for everyone. That’s how I am too and it makes it harder to show if you are struggling. Have you anyone you could talk to? Maybe your BCN or GP? Or maybe ring the BCC helpline? You might feel better if you are able to speak about whats been going on and how you are feeling about everything. All the things you have described are quite normal, even the feelings of guilt that you have. Bc is not fair and doesn’t play by the rules. You need to be kind to yourself and try to channel your energies into being there for your friend and her family if you can. Feeling guilty is draining and negative for you, if you could somehow deal with those feelings, you might be able to feel stronger for your friend again. Sending you a big hug and hoping you feel better soon.
Joan xxxx

Hi Roadrunner,
Please don’t feel guilty for your dog and your friend. I think we were both assimilate similar time Dec 07 for me. I know it’s hard to question why ohh why but we don’t have the answers. It’s ok to melt down regardless of how strong you are.

please keep your chin up and sending you hugs x