Now the wait....

So biopsy of awkward calcified lump done that they couldn’t get first time round…although keep focusing on the fact they said it wasn’t if concern on MRI but biopsy was belt and braces.

CT scan also done today and now the hideous wait for results…trying to be positive. 

This is all so very surreal and like it’s happening around me not to me. Don’t get me wrong I keep getting a massive reality check like a punch in the stomach everytime I think about what’s to come but trying to be strong and positive. 

Will be glad when this week’s over for lots of reasons. X

The waiting is always awful, try to be as nice to yourself as you possibly can in the meantime xx

Poacher Breathe, push everything up in the attic room in your mind and slam the door lock it with a key and keep key in your pocket and only allow it to enter your thoughts when you take the key out of your pocket, climb up to the attic and unlock the door Be kind to yourself you are doing great even if you don’t think you are :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Poacher65 - I’d also like to echo the very wise words from Bookish and Shi, and send hugs too. Keep in touch on here, we’re here to chat anytime. Evie xx