Now what?

Now what?

Now what? I have had the mastectomy…and how painfull is my arm! Up and down, extremes of emotions and the worst thing is it is not over with yet… the mastectomy was meant to be the end of it but when they cut me open they found some in the lymph nodes… horrible. Going for the follow up appointment on hte 18th June…time goes so slowly when waiting for appointments doesn’t it.

Hey ho… what next I wonder? Will find out the next lot of treatment then I suppose. My surgeon said it with either be Hormones or Chemo… my head is spinning I can tell you.

Been a bit hard to know what to tell my little ones but the three year old knows and my 18 monthold keeps stroking my arm and saying ‘ow’…

I should say that I live in Sweden and I guess things are different here than in hte UK but then I wouldn’t know!

Just nice to have some support.

Greetings Sweden! Hi Babyboo,

I had my mastectomy and total node clearance at the end of March. Didn’t have a particularly painful arm but I think that is largely down to the fact that I was quite obssessive about doing my exercises. Mind you, thats the only time I have ever been keen on exercising!! LOL. I really hope your arm starts to feel better very soon. Part of mine is still numb and I guess thats how it will stay now.

At the follow-up appt I was told how big my tumour was, what grade etc… I had 25/28 nodes affected and mine is hormone receptive. I then had an appt to see the cons oncologist. I am now on chemo (had 2 so far), then will be having rads then hormones. I don’t know if sweden is any different to the UK but I was told that due to my age (I was 34 when diagnosed in March) I would be having chemo regardless of whether any nodes were affected. I believe that older women in the UK are always offered chemo if any nodes are affected.

I wish you a very speedy recovery and I hope you get on well at your appt on the 18th. Please let us know how you are doing,

Take care,


Thanks for the greeting!

And for the reply… I am doing my exercises but I seem to have reached some sort of platau (sp?) now and I haven’t noticed much change for a few days. Hey ho…will keep on plugging along.

I am 38 so I suppose if they do the same here as in hte UK then I will prob. get Chemo…ugh…but I am trying not to think about the ‘maybes’ at the moment… the 18th seems such a long way off.

Nice to know I can get on here though!

hi, i had a mastectomy and did the excercises to start with and also reached a stage where i could go no further, i cried and phoned the breast nurse and she said as long as i was doing them at least once a day that was fine. it gave me a break and after a little while i was able to continue more than once a day. i had to have chemo and rads, lost my hair and now it has grown back very curly, i am like a little old biddy with a perm.
loosing the hair was upsetting but as it fell out i got hubby to put the shaver over it and suddenly felt quite calm.
my thoughts are with you. take care.