Numb and confused

Hi I’m 35 and Jst been told on Wednesday (3rd Feb)that I have grade 3 breast cancer on my left breast :frowning: I’m going into hospital on Thursday to get the lump removed as they feel I don’t need the breast removed.on the mammogram it looks like nothing in my limph nodes but have been told they are getting tested Jst incase!! This is all very new to me and very scary I also have 2 children age 16 and 9 it jst sucks ?? Jst advice or talking to someone will be nice xx

Hi Jax 80 Just a quick reply, to say USE THIS SITE, here you will find that we will help support you understand the fear and the hope the highs and the lows, because every person on here has a journey with breast cancer, LYMPH NODES, poxy things that strike fear into all of us, I was diagnosed 25th November then mine were fine, yeh what now??? My operation is 27th February, why’s it taken so long, cos I want a double mastectomy and reconstruction, yes mine is small and its also in my left breast, mine is grade 2, but I want the whole lot gone. Everyones journey with this desease is different but everyone here knows how your feeling, cos they feel or have felt the same, the panic the fear the this can’t be happening to me, your not alone on here. The help line telephone number is also manned by caring people I had a man!!! that can totally empathize with what your going through because theve had it too, but they are through treatment and recovered, if we have to get cancer, breast cancer can be treated and cured, so hang on in there.

Good luck


Hi Jax, sorry to see why you are here but you have come to the right place for help and advice. Being told you have breast cancer is a hell of a shock and I know it is very difficult to take everything in at this early stage. It is very good news though that they feel a lumpectomy will do the trick for you and it is standard practice to test the lymph nodes while they are there so don’t let that worry you. I had all this done on both sides eleven months ago so if there is anything I can help with do let me know, I am happy to help. Try not to look too far ahead, just concentrate on Thursday’s op and getting rid of the blooming lump, you will feel so much better once it’s gone believe me. Take care and as I said I, and others, are here for you.  Sue xx

Jax80 so sorry  you have found your  way here but it is an amazing place for info and support. I was diagnosed just over a week ago, i am 48 so a bit older but my children are 10 and it feels like the bottom has dropped out of my world  at present so fully understand were you are coming from.

Thank u everyone :heart::heart:

Hi, I’m 42, grade 3 in my right breast. Diagnosed 14/1, lump removed 22nd, my lymph nodes looked clear but 2 of 3 tested have traces of cells so I’m back in this Tuesday for rest removing. I’m just like you, numb, terrified, feel like I’m living a nightmare but I’m told it’s treatable and curable and lots of support on here. My daughter is 13, I’ve been very honest and found that’s helped that way she’s not worrying that I’m not telling her something. It’s really hard, lots of love, Sarah X 

Hi Jax, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in my left breast on 22nd Jan. As I have 5cms of DCIS as well I need to have a mastectomy. I’m going for my pre op next Tues 9th , and my op is on 16th Feb. Having a sentinel node biopsy done as well to check lymph nodes. This is all so scary, I know exactly how you feel. Mine was picked up on a routine mammogram. I had no idea, couldn’t feel anything. I’m older at 55 and my children are 21 and 25. One day I’m positive and the next feel really down. Im just taking it a day at a time xx

Hi jax80. I’m Emma 33 and diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma on 11th Jan. Had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy two weeks ago. It’s pathology results day tomorrow. This forum is the best thing I’ve stumbled upon full of helpful, understanding people! I’ve a mass of support at home but no one truly understands how I’m feeling until you speak to someone who is going through / has been through the same.
Hope everything goes with your surgery. I’ve healed rather well still sore and swollen so be prepared to rest!!

Good luck for tomorrow Em thinking of you. X

Thanks ladies xx

Never imagined being on this site and joining a club no one wants to be part of. However I have found it a great source of comfort especially in my darkest moments. I was very low yesterday and spent most of the day in bed which I felt so guilty about as it was my eldests 14th birthday. Today though I dusted my shelf done applied some make up and watched him play footie and for a small while I felt normal. They won which made me happy. I don’t want to be overcome by this univited guest and I have realised that keeping busy is the best way. Thinking of everyone on this journey. X

Ems good luck for tomorrow  x

Well ladies the results are in. Found some dcis whilst removing lump. Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. Need an extra boost of radiotherapy so will be 20 sessions not 15. But herceptin result is positive so that means chemo! What I really didn’t want. Meeting the oncologist on thurs to discuss when it all begins! At least the cancers out and results could of been a hell of a lot worse but dreading joining the chemo club!

Oh and lymph nodes clear!

What is dcis if u don’t mind me asking?and that’s fab scout the limph nodes!!Xx

Dcis is ductal carcinoma in situ. It means the cancer cells are inside the milk ducts and haven’t yet spread to surrounding tissue.

Em, I’m the same as Claire in that I had my second dose of chemo today. I’m sat in bed feeling a cross between being drunk and hungover! It isn’t the most pleasurable thing to go through but when you know your dates to start and which regime your having then my advise is to join that monthly thread (or start one if there isn’t one yet - I started the January thread) Then check out the other monthly threads and ask as many questions as you like. Like I said, I’m from the Jan 2016 starters with Claire. We’re a friendly bunch who also like dropping into the Dec and Feb threads too.
Keep posting - we can get through this together :slight_smile: xxx