Numb breast - How long does feeling last?

Dear Ladies

Has anyone experience a hard new breast after reconstruction and how long did you have this numb hard feeling? I had a right breast reconstruction in December 2011, had scans and due to meet with my plastic surgeon later this month, so I’ll ask him if this is common or something that may need treatment?

I use vitamin E oil and manuka honey to massage the breast scars and my abodominal area which is also numb but not hard. I’d be interested to hear from anyone else about similar experience.




I had an igap reconstruction in May 2010 & I’m still undergoing lipofilling as it’s smaller than my real boob. Mine too is still very hard but I just assumed that it was because I’m still having lipofilling & it takes a while to settle down. Regarding the numbness I was told that it would never have any real feeling in it so I just accepted that. My thigh where they took the fat from is soft but still a bit numb.

Sorry I can’t be of much help but just thought I’d tell you of my experience, others may be different.

Love lbx157

Dear lbx157

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the numbness may always be there but I must check with the consultant about the hardness of the breast. I still have dressings so it’s difficult to massage until I have a shower.

Not feeling too good today, few twinges in breast and abs. could be the mending inside me. Or the fact I’ve caught a sniffle from this change in weather!

Hi Hamlet,
I had immediate LD flap reconstruction 9 months ago. I was told at the time it can take up to 6 months for it to settle down to its final shape, so its still early days for you. My reconstruction has softened alot, but it is still harder and heavier than the other one. I’m happy with the result, I hope you will be too.
Good luck with it all x

Hi Hamlet
I had my recon at the same time as my mx about 18 months ago… sadly I have next to no sensation and don’t expect to regain any now… but I do believe that this varies from person to person… also some loss of sensation in my back ( LD recon…although no back scar) and under my arm
As for the hard boob… I am pleased to report that it has softened up really well, it did take a little while but is now pretty damn good!

my reconstructed breast (ld flap) is getting softer.I have been massaging with bio oil which has really helped I think. I am 3 months post surgery and definitely now see a difference (in last month) my op was end november. My breast is still numb but definitely softer. Hope this helps