Numb fingers

I had 9 weeks of Pazitaxil and didn’t get any numbness or tingling in my fingers so found it strange that about 3 weeks after it finished, I started to have symptoms. I have mild numbness of all fingers and it’s lasted about a month so far. Did anyone have this delayed reaction? If so, how long did it last?


Sorry you haven’t had a reply yet, hopefully someone will spot your post who has experience of this . Have you asked your BC nurse / team about this ?


Hi, I think you may be experiencing mild peripheral neuropathy (PN), if you look it up on the Macmillan website it may answer your question. I have PN which started during Docetaxol chemotherapy treatment in early 2022 but it was extremely severe and I still have problems, the cold weather seems to have worsened it. I would be surprised if yours worsened and I hope it doesn’t. I hope this helps. My very best wishes to you xx.

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