numb toes?

hi everyone, finished my treatment now, had last chemo April, over the last few days my big toe and toe next to it feel numb, and weird, has anyone else experienced this? especially so long after having finished chemo, my finger nails are off pretty much halfway now and have started separating from the nail bed upwards instead of the other way round!!
any advice would be appreciated,

best wishes Liz xxx

Hi Liz

Don’t really have any advice for you I’m afraid but I too have numb toes and fingers now and although my toe nails and the nails on my right hand are OK (for the moment), the nails on my left hand (which didn’t get iced) are starting to look really grim without nail varnish, just hope they stay on!

Just thought I would let you know you are not alone!

DaisyGirl xx

I’ve still got numb toes. My onc says it could last 18 months,as for my fingernails they are a mess all ridged . I lost 4 and seem to be taking forever to grow. I have new nails growing underneath my nails so I am expecting them to fall off to at some point.
I think it is something we will have to put up with.

Hi Liz

You might find the thread called Nail Health started by Nymeria useful. Will bump it up for you.