Hi all, really I am just hoping for someone to talk to.
I am waiting on a biopsy result, but because last year was so awful for my family, I don’t want them, to be worrying about me before, there is any diagnosis.
At the moment I am just so scared, of something that might be nothing.

Hi N

Really sorry that you find yourself in this position. We’ve all been there and the waiting is just absolutely awful, that and the telling everyone if it is something.
You have come to the right place and will get really good support here but in the meantime, there’s nothing I can say to stop you worrying, I know, but just know that you will get through whatever it is and once you actually know, you will begin to get your head around it. Sending you positive vibes and a cyber hug!!

Dear lostintranslation

Welcome to the forum. I am sure other members will soon be along to offer support.

Please consider giving our Helpline a call. They are there for emotional support as well as information. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 9-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000

Take care

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi I’m in exactly the same position. Just got back from hospital for follow up tests after mammogram 2 weeks ago. I had convinced myself it would be nothing, so I’m reeling from shock at having had to have 2 more sets of x rays, an U/S and biopsy. Got to wait until next Friday for results. Really scared, (even though I read that in majority of cases it’s not cancer)and don’t know how much to tell people. Good luck with your results! JCJ

Jcg and maybe line,

Really sorry to meet you here. I totally empathise with you…the few people I told about my recall letter All convinced me it was just for another picture to be taken. I was therefore knocked for six to have the serious talk from the radiologist then a stereotactic core biopsy. What …? me???

I had to wait a week which seemed like eternity, but I found this forum and read up as much as I could about my initial diagnosis so that I would be prepared whichever way the tests went. This isn’t the right choice for everyone… Some people prefer not to know and to leave things to the experts.

Well, I’m afraid it wasn’t the newsi wanted, but at least I undserstood my options. Oh I was very scared by it all and lost it over that weekend.I’m just telling you this because a lot of people get the news they want, but. If you don’t, you’re not alone in feeling it’s all too much. Believe me, whatever the results, you will get through it. If I can, you can…no one is a bigger wimp.

Anyway, it was a roller coaster period when I often feared the worst, but in all cases my fears were worse than the reality. I have been “lucky” enough to only need major surgery but no further treatment. And the finished product is good, much better than I had feared.

So, the hundreds of ladies on here are holding your hands in the waiting room. Even should you get the news you don’t want, we shall be here for you… and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

JCJ it’s awful, I suppose I am lucky that on first referal to the clinic I was sent for mamogram and U/S immediately, they found a lump that I didn’t know was there, accompanied by several cysts, (was sent to clinic for nipple discharge,)and they took a core biopsy there and then. I get my results from that next Weds, which will be 3weeks to the day that I saw my GP.

Thanks to all of you, for your support, it means a lot.

Lost in translation, I’ll be thinking of you on Weds: Fingers crossed! Bit sore today after core biopsy yesterday. Wondering how long to leave dressing on. Bit nervous about removing it, to be honest.

Decided to ‘come clean’ at work and tell people a) so that they understand if they find me in a corner crying and b) I’ll have less to tell them if the results aren’t good OR c) they can celebrate with me! They’re being very supportive which has helped me a lot and I’ve discovered my boss had a lump removed years ago and another colleague has had cancer, so I know they understand what I’m going through. All the best everyone.

JCJ they told me to take the dressing off the next day, which I did, got a lovely bruise, and both my boobs are still very sore from the mamogram, 'cause it was just my luck to be pre-menstral on the day! On top of that I came down with 'flu in the evening after so all in all I feel really pants. I’ve not been at work since the biopsy was taken, am due to work Sat and Sun night, so I wont be seeing my boss until Mon morning, really not looking forward to telling him what’s going on. Really glad the people you work with are so understanding and supportive.

I have to get myself a new jigsaw or two to keep my mind from dwelling on worst case scenarios, but not up to going out shopping, have to be better tomorrow so will head out then.

Lost in translation. I plucked up the courage to take the dressing off just now. Just a small hole, but I still feel very tender and my right boob seems to be aching in sympathy - that wasn’t even mammo-ed yesterday!! Must be psychological.

I find doing endless games on helps to distract me. There is even a daily online jigsaw! I hope your 'flu gets better soon.

Shopping tomorrow might be good therapy if you like that sort of thing! Chin up, don’t dwell too much on worst-case senarios as it won’t help, even if the news isn’t good! That’s what I’m trying to convince myself anyway! I swing constantly between “Oh it’ll be fine.” and “OH MY GOD! NOOOO!”

Never got to the shop for a jigsaw, far too full of snot and woolly headed. Told the most senior person at work for the next 2weeks what’s going on, she was really nice, and my other work friends have been great too. No more work 'til Thurs night now, but results Weds. An awful sense of foreboding overtook me for much of the weekend, which wouldn’t lift but I seem to have shaken that for the time being. Making plans to prevent it descending again.

Really, really hope that everyone else, and me, waiting for results are well, me esp. as we’ve not had a family holiday for a few years now and were planning to go away this year. I want my holiday, *stamps feet*

Good luck tomorrow Lost in translation. I 'll be thinking of you.
I’m feeling really confident and positive one minute and full of that foreboding the next. Sunday was bad, but I made myself go through every possible scenario from nothing needs to be done to incurable and after that I seem to be able to cope better! Good luck to everyone else in this worrying process too. JCJ

PS Keep stamping those feet and demand that holiday - whatever the diagnosis! :slight_smile:

PPS Please remember to let us know what happens tomorrow. we’ll be here for you.

Just got back, some news but no news. They couldn’t see if it was a fibroadenoma or a pyllode tumour. In any case I’ve been booked in to get the whole thing, plus the surrounding tissues out in 3weeks.

Frustrating that you (Lost in Translation) have not had a clear diagnosis, but it doesn’t sound too bad for either of those possibilities (and according to this website pyllode tumours are much rarer!)At least the next step is sorted and you can move on from there. Good Luck, I hope it turns out to be perfectly benign and you can have a lovely holiday! I’ll let you know how I get on on Friday. Felt terrible this morning, convinced the news would be awful, but someone at work gave me flowers and chocs today which was really lovely (had to stop myself crying!) JCJ

Don’t know how many times I convinced myself it would be bad news, JCJ so know what you are going through. Try not to worry too much though. Meet up with a friend you don’t see enough of for lunch or afterwork tomorrow, and talk about anything but why you are here. It did me the world of good to do that yesterday.

Will be thinking of you on Fri, and crossing everything your news will be as good as mine.

Just got back from biopsy results. Bad news and good news. It is malignant but only 11mm long so they think they can remove just the lump and surrounding tissue and sentinel nodes to ensure it’s not spread. Booked in for 22 Feb for op. with next biopsy appt on 6 March. Very scared, but I’ve been told NOT to cancel my Easter holiday so a lovely cottage in the hills to look forward to at the end of March! :frowning: :slight_smile: JCJ

So sorry your news is not all good JCJ, good to see they have you booked in so soon and that it’s been found while still small. Hope the op goes well and that, that will be the end of it for you.

((())) xx