Numbness in mastectomy scar.

Hi, anyone out there had a recent mastectomy and feeling numb round the scar area? I had my op 12 days ago and thought by now I would have some feeling. It’s very itchy now so I know its healing under the dressing but when I touch the skin all around its completely numb.should I be worried or is it normal ? I have not had a reconstruction, no flap, just a straight scar, about 8 inches from under arm to centre breast bone.

I haven’t had a recent mastectomy but I did have a mastectomy and node clearance done about 5 year ago, without reconstruction.  I too have straight scar from central breastbone to under the arm.  I still have no or very little sensation in some areas, especially around the armpit end of the scar.  I was warned about this and it was explained that so much tissue was removed that this would include disruption to nerve-endings.  So while some sensation gradually returned (over the years) I do not expect to regain full sensation. 


Do you have a follow-up appointment to check healing, drains, stitches etc?  That would be a good opportunity to ask about numbness.  Alternatively do you have a breast care clinical nurse specialist you could contact?