Numbness in my chin

About a week ago i started having pain in my right cheek bone which radiated up into my temple.I went to my dentist who took an x-ray and could find nothing wrong.
On Monday the right side of my chin went numb. I feel I have constant moderate toothache all the time. My onc is sending me for a CT head scan and an MRI.
Has anyone else had similar symptoms?

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Hello Mb333, I have a numbness on my laft side of face and last week they gave me a CT Scan. There are lots of reasons to cause numbness and that is why they do this scan. It can be for example a side effect from drugs cancer drugs, a side effect from chemo and also dental problems that do not show up on a dental xray. I have several conditions related to my secondary bone cancer. I do not know your BC history but rest assured that they are taking this seriously and you sound as if you are in safe hands. They want to get to the bottom of it and the CT Scan is the way to go. Then they will know wahat treament plan would help you most. I hope this helps. Keep in touch when you know more. Here to help. Val

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I had numbness on my right side of chin and up to my right temple. MRI fine so sent to physiotherapist and it was a trapped nerve in my shoulder. Two treatments later and completely gone. If scans turn out ok go see a physio they may be able to help you.