Nutri bullet

Hi everyone,

Today I got a nutribullt as I’ve been told super foods are a good way to boost your system especially when going through chemo, has anyone else use one of these? If so do you feel the benefits from them and how long was you using them? I really want to put myself in a good place to fight this.


Best wishes

Blanna xx

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Hiya Blanna …that’s weird …I’ve just posted on bone Mets that I have bought a juicer …not magic bullet …thought I would try a different cheaper version first .
We must exchange healthy ideas .

Ha ha . I don’t get mine till tomorrow but I will b having a play with it. We always have a fruit bowl full of ripe fruit and there’s always a yellow brocolli and floppy lettuce lurking so it’s like recycling !!!

Hi I have a juicer a good book is Jason Vale juice master has some lovely recipes you get it from amazon mind I went through a faze I need to get back into it lol x x

Loving my new toy …juicer …posted on bone Mets …should have posted here.
Hugs xx

Maybe you should find a healthy recipe to make a smoothie that helps sleep?? Not sure what to suggest though as all this healthy stuff is still new to me !!
Try googling “sleepy food” and c what comes up!
Mine is only a Kenwood job from Argos but if its used enough will get the nutra bullet one.
Hugs xx

Hi Blanna,

I’ve used a Nutribullet for about a year now. So I used it in the latter part of my chemo, the last 3 months. I was not an enormous veggie eater and not in the quantities that are recommended when you’ve got cancer. I have one veggie blend and one fruit blend a day. You have to watch mixing too many fruits with vegetables cos it’s harder for your body to digest so I tend to only use an apple in my veggie blend. I use organic beetroot juice with a dash of coconut water in my veggie juice to sweeten it and to take away the taste of kale ha ha. Using organic when possible is important especially with some soft fruits. I mainly shop on Ocado as they have such a good range of organic fruit and veg. 

I’ve built up the type of veg that I put in, really concentrating of things that have a direct link to anti- cancer properties. I’ve just returned from a fortnight abroad where I didn’t have my daily blends and really felt the difference. Couldn’t wait to get back into my routine. 

I’m totally convinced that these daily blends have had a real effect on my ability to reduce the number of bone mets in my body. So enjoy, experiment and feel good x